Marathon Madness

18 Apr Marathon Madness

So last weekend, one of the RunCamp runners had an absolute stormer at the Manchester Marathon.


Flew round taking 30 minutes off his previous pb.




A couple of key things to note from his Facebook Status update…

– Obviously the bit about Ant (he seems like a pretty decent guy… 😉 )

– And the Consistent Pace Throughout bit.


Here is a graph on his actual run:

Graph of Gary's run


The highlighted bit is actually showing his fastest Half Marathon section.


Importantly the last section…


The secret is that there is no secret.


Follow a plan, stick to it, do the training sessions and you’ll get the result.


Sure, there were ups and downs, it’s not my place to say what these all were.


Mostly LIFE.


It has a habit of getting in the way.


I know that, and I understand it too.


Which is one of the benefits of a bespoke training plan


– Where we can move things around,

– Where we can maximise the time you have available

– Where you can RELAX and not worry about what to do

– OR when to do it

– Plus chat about it with someone when it doesn’t seem to be going right to help get you back on track.


Plus, we can now include a Monthly Sports Massage with Lindsey on our Gold Training Package!


Any further details just hit reply 🙂




Coach Ant


P.S. I’m not one to not practise what I preach, for the last two years I’ve also had a coach oversee everything I do.

It took all the stress out of planning, boosted my number of completed sessions (as no one wants to say they skipped a session…) and had helped my performance improve leaps and bounds.


For one, in two years I’ve lowered my 10k time from 33:28 to 31:40.


Thats the type of results you get from trusting someone more experienced/knowledgeable than yourself.


P.P.S. One last thing… Many of our runners who are currently doing Online Coaching or 121 sessions pretty much all started with our Level One course. Its the foundation to everything RunCamp. Southampton Courses start up next week, with a handful of spaces left, check out the details >>HERE<<

Including our Friday Night Interval Sessions (guaranteed pb setting sessions!)

Free Training T-Shirt,

Free Copy of RunCamps Ebook (50 sessions to help you run faster)

Plus being part of a community which has helped hundreds of runners “go the extra mile”


It all starts here (after next week our doors close until September).

>>Last Chance<<


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