Motivation vs Discipline

23 May Motivation vs Discipline

What is Motivation really?


Is it the ability to push yourself out the door when you really don’t want to go?


Or does this come under the term of determination?


Personally I struggle with motivation, somedays I just think “Why”

Why do I put myself through it…?

Is it really worth it?

Whats the end result for me?


Sometimes I even delay a planned session just to get a bit of time to focus… I’ll drop the morning run and have a lye in and plan to do it that evening.

Just one of the things I used to beat myself up over – thinking I’m failing myself, that I’m just not as motivated as everyone else.

But when I feel tired and fatigued, I’d much rather have the extra few hours to prepare myself.


However… I do know that I will get it done.


So I’d rate myself as a very determined person.


I personally know what I want to achieve and I’ll do whatever in my power to get there.


Just somedays I’ll lose sight of the reasons why.


The thing that really knocked it home for me today was chatting to a runner who came to me for a Running Assessment, she is called May (I switched the real name for the current month… Seems apt).

Apply for a Running Assessment here:

May is 67 years old and is targeting marathons and wants to find out why she struggles in the latter stages.


So we are going to come up with some strategies to aid her performance.


From a technical aspect as well as a training plan and nutritional plan strategy too.


For me, it’s not just about running times, I firmly believe the focus is in the wrong place sometimes.

For the vast majority of us (myself included) the focus needs to be outside performance for a lot of the time.

Focus on something else which can heighten enjoyment, motivation and as a result get you out there doing the mileage.


When the going gets tough and we start beating ourselves up over not running that particular mile split fast enough – sometimes the best focus is on anything but your watch!


Distraction techniques, training plans, mental strategy, just a couple of the topics we’ll be focusing on at the RunCamp Weekend in the Forest.


I can’t wait – I’ve just been sat working through the weekend Itinerary – theres quite a bit in there, which is great for you – plenty to do and learn… Hard for me to juggle it all 😉


Check it out here:



Coach Ant


P.S. At RunCamp HQ, we are coming up with some new ideas for the June challenge in out Facebook Group Run365 it looks like June’s Challenge is going to be a core strength month… So jump on the group page and introduce yourself, we won’t bite, but we will help improve your running.


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