A NEW 5k PB…? Plus One Key Session To Help You Out..!

5k PB

21 Oct A NEW 5k PB…? Plus One Key Session To Help You Out..!

I know I’d love one…


A new PB that is. The feeling is amazing and I never bore of speaking to runners who have just got one!


The post race analysis is my favourite, what went well, how it felt.


And we know there will always be one sentence in there…


“I know I can go faster…”!


In the past we have organised a little 5k run on Southampton Track, and in 2 weeks time we will be doing it again.


12.5 laps around the track, the flattest course we could find!

So that you can have an attempt at a new 5k PB 🙂


Tonight is the last day for Early Bird entries – just £8. From midnight it’ll be a tenner.

Grab your place here: http://runcamp.co.uk/5kpb


And as for how you can prepare yourself for success on the night.


Well in two weeks, I’d be lying if I told you this one session will knock minutes off your time.


In fact – running hard runs this close to a key event is more likely to hinder progress that improve it (as we should now be in the taper period).


So here is a typical “Burst Run” that I would recommend to my runners on Online Training Plans who are working towards a 5k.

During the penultimate week (i.e. next week) I’d have them run more reps at around their 5k pace. The following week (i.e. the week of the event) I’d have them doing fewer, and at a slightly slower than 5k pace.

This workout is designed to get you used to running at your chosen race pace, in an ideal scenario you’d run these without the use of a GPS watch so that you can start to tune into your body and how it feels to sustain this intensity.


Warm Up:
10-15:00 Jogging + Drills and Mobility

Main Set:
8-12 x 2:00 at target race pace (5k), with 2:00 Jog Recovery (extend the recovery jog if not fully recovered in time for the next rep – your recovery rate will vary depending on current level of fitness).

The more experienced you are, the more reps you should aim for – it is not a failure if you don’t hit 12!

Focus during the effort on your running stride – aiming to push your heels backwards and lengthen your stride.

Cool Down: 
10:00 Jogging + Stretches.

Let me know how you get on!



Coach Ant

P.S. If you haven’t grabbed your place yet, check out the link >>HERE<<

If the thought of a flat fast 5k doesn’t do it for you… We also have medals for everyone plus in usual Friday night Fashion, we’ll probably have a stop at the pub for some post race analysis!

P.P.S. Oh yeah, and if you currently come to our Friday Night Coached Interval Session and wonder if you need to enter… No is the answer – you get entry for free 🙂




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