New Forest Marathon

Running is all about freedom.

Exploring, seeing the world from a different perspective.

That buzz you get when you finish is unlike anything else – why would you sign up for more if it wasn’t.

That running high is only multiplied when you add in personal bests, it might be a faster time or it might just be finishing stronger, not walking that hill or even just motivating a friend to run with you.

Whatever your goals might be, our goals are to help you get there.

And we don’t just specialise in running faster.

We do this and a whole lot more.

Like what I hear you ask?

– Improving mental strength giving you tips to push through those tough times.

– Working on strength and core to build you up stronger and become more injury resistant

– Educating you on how to structure your training plan so that running doesn’t become a chore but something that can be fun

– And of course helping you work through those tough speed sessions that we know are so good for us.

The key services and offers available to anyone who has entered the New Forest Marathon Events are:

– Online Coaching –

If you are someone who wants to take the stress out of planning your running training and just get on with the actual running without sacrificing the results you want, then we can help you out.

Each week we create fully customised training plans for hundreds of runners, each one designed specifically around each runner taking into consideration their running ability, their pace and most importantly the time they have available to run.

If one week you can run twice and another week you can run four times, then we will plan around this.

No stress from you, and we are always on hand for any questions – you’ll have your coaches personal email address.

This service is based around you so that you can get on with the running side of things safe in the knowledge that the program is the best program built specifically for you.

Special Offer

Get three months of coaching for the price of two – Normally £180 – now just £120 for all New Forest Entrants (only available to new customers).

– Running Video Analysis –

One of the most popular services we offer is our Video Analysis – a full 90 minutes with the coach talking about your running.

You’ll be filmed running outdoors and you’ll be able to see everything played back in slow motion where you’ll then be talked through everything you are currently doing and you’ll then have the chance to work on any areas that are identified as “could be improved”.

Running is indeed a skill and it’s a skill that you can hone and improve with the right technique tips and advice.

In a Running Coaching Video Assessment we cover:

  • The simple technique adjustments which are currently holding you back from your potential (via our Slow Motion VIDEO Analysis).
  • The sessions you need to be including in your training plan on a weekly basis which will boost your speed and confidence.
  • How to improve your running times without running more.
  • The one session per week that will reduce your risk of injury and help you run more consistently.
  • And as much else as we can fit in our session together.

We keep things simple here…

No silly jargon, just the things we know work for the runners we deal with.

From weight loss to faster running times. Frequent marathon runners to the first time 5k runner.

No matter your background, we know what can help you improve.

You’ll leave us motivated, more confident and ready to implement everything!

Special Offer

Book your Video Analysis and ONE follow up sessions for just £127 – Normally £140 – (for New Forest Entrants only).


Get 15 of our favourite running sessions plus tips designed to help you run faster, more efficiently and enjoy running more.

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