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28 Jun Next Generation

I’ve got a full video coming on Thursday with some highlights from our First Running Weekend in the New Forest coming on Thursday.

It’s safe to say it was an incredible weekend helping out runners with struggles and questions and helping to motivate them.


But thats all I am going to say about it until Thursday! So keep an eye out for that email.


But today, I wanted to chat about the Kids (don’t worry if you don’t have any… maybe you know someone who does..?)


Not that I am particularly “down with them”.


Frankly I can’t keep up with the new apps, games, words and tv shows!


But I do remember what it was like being one (just about..)


And a couple of the major memories I had from school was my dislike for P.E. I’ve spoken before about how untalented I was in team sports. How I was in the bottom set for P.E!

Yes, the person who now lives and breathes running, wouldn’t even run for the train, let alone for a hobby!


I also remember those cross country sessions, the laps of the field and how boring it was.

Slogging it out regardless of the weather, dreaming about the session finishing so I could get back indoors!


But what we are great at RunCamp is making running more interesting and dare I say it… FUN?

And this is the exact goal for the new Kids Sessions kicking off this Saturday (which is our first ever session)


Obviously it won’t be a session 100% dedicated to running. There will be a mix of throwing, jumping and games in there too so we can keep them on their toes.


And if you know me by now the focus isn’t just on competition either.


Of course there will be opportunities for this, but the major focus is on participation. And the number one way I can see this happening is by keeping it fun and engaging.


The details…

Saturday 2nd July 2016 -arrive at 1:45pm for a 2pm start. This session will last for 90 minutes.
The session will involve a mix of running, throwing and jumping style activities. Currently we are going to open the session to ages 8-12 and 12-14 as this is where the vast majority of responses from our questionnaire came from. On the day we will split the group into ages so that when it comes to the activity we can keep the groups to a similar level.
The session will be broken into 3×20 minute sections so that the activities will be varied and th
Session number one (on Saturday 2nd July) will be a small cost of £4 payable in advance. Come rain or shine we will be there and will adjust the session accordingly.
– We will have a limit on the number of places available. Book your place using this link:
We will base the session at Southampton Sports Centre. We will send out exact locations for meeting points before the day.
Coach Ant
P.S. Even if you don’t personally have kids, maybe you could forward this message onto someone who does? The more the merrier!


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