Nutrition Coaching

So why did you start running?


I know many people start running to lose some weight and become healthier.


Running is great to get you out of the house and keep you active.


However, activity is just a small part of the weight loss game.


“You can’t outrun a poor diet”


Nutrition is a HUGE portion and from experience, after working with many runners it’s the part they really struggle with.


Sadly when marathon training, you really can’t get away with eating whatever you like..! Not if your goal is to lose weight.


There is so much information out there, how do you know what is correct and what will work for you?


Should you go High Fat? Maybe Low Carb? Should you count your macronutrients? Maybe even just make sure everything you eat is “natural”.


Sure, all of these may well work, and you might have tried them in the past, had some great results, but then circled back to where you started out.


I know, because I’ve seen and experienced it.



The Solution


What if I told you there was a way to lose weight slowly over time that wasn’t super restrictive and was sustainable long term?


You’d probably laugh and say ‘yeah right’.


But let me tell you about a client of mine – I’ll call her Alice, but that’s not her real name.


Alice came to me because her daughter was getting married, it was a key moment in her daughter’s life.


She wanted to look her best on the wedding day and ooze confidence for those all important photos.


She wanted her daughter to be proud of her.


And secretly, she wanted everyone to turn to her and say how amazing she looked having lost all that weight.


I spoke to Alice at length about her goals and her background and I told her that I wouldn’t be putting her on a restrictive diet but introducing healthy habits every 2 weeks to help her towards her weight loss goal.


Alice was a little sceptical at first as what I was asking her to do seemed very easy… too easy, and not diet like at all.


Every 2 weeks we’d have our check in and I’d review her progress, ask her how she had found the previous 2 weeks and set the next habit.


Each time we had our check in there was something positive to talk about.


She was steadily losing weight.


Her body was changing and body fat was dropping.


The clothes she wore were becoming looser.


She was much happier in herself, feeling more positive and every time she heard the words “have you lost some weight”… well these were the best moments.


Those 5 simple words made her feel on top of the world.


They were asking her what diet she was on and she’d say “I’m not on a diet, I’m introducing healthy habits, it’s really easy and I’m never hungry!”


After 12 weeks Alice had lost just over a stone and a was down a dress size too.


She also lost this weight without exercising too!


Alice wasn’t a runner when she first started with me, but she is now gaining the confidence to be one – so hopefully in the near future you’ll see her out running.


She did all of this with no exercise, so just imagine what you can achieve with running and strength training included too.



The Lean Runner 90 Programme has done away with restrictive diets that are boring and don’t get you results long term.


The programme focuses on forming healthy habits slowly over time that will get you long lasting results.


The reason we use habit forming to help people achieve their weight loss goals is because when you focus on one habit at a time you have between 50 – 80% chance of making the new habit stick, compared to focusing on multiple habits at once where the figure drops to 5 -35%.


The Lean Runner 90 Programme has been created for runners that want to lose weight, improve their running and be the healthiest and happiest they have been in years.


The VIP programme includes:

Healthy habits (that’ll stick with you for life and prevent yo yo dieting)


Accountability (because we all need a bit of support)


Bi-weekly check in (the coach will keep you accountable and on track with your progress)


– TLR90 private facebook group to help support and motivate everyone


Plus a Running, Strength and Mobility Plan designed specifically to aid runners wanting to lose weight



Due to the high educational content and time dedicated to each participant, there will only be 8 places available on the VIP programme.


Each week is focused on implementing brand new and effective habits in an online group setting, where you’ll gain a LOT of focus from the RunCamp Team.


With the amount of educational material and contact time with Lindsey plus the results the programme has been getting, we could easily have charged £500 for this programme.


But, we want to make sure we can help out as many runners as possible and not have price as the barrier.


So the next course will cost you £260 as a one off payment:


If you want to:
Learn out all about protein, carbohydrates and fats – why we need them, how much we need and when is best to eat them


Lose weight through our habit based system


Improve running speed aided by our running plan


Boost confidence and feel better about yourself


Reduce the amount of guess work over what you “can” or “can’t” eat


Fit into clothes that have been pushed to the back of your wardrobe for years


Then look no further as this is the programme for you.


The next programme starts on Monday 7th January 2019, click below to grab your spot for just £260:


Or split the payment into two easy payments of £150 using the button below:



See what our previous Lean Runners have to say



“This is very definitely not a diet and should not be viewed as just a way to lose weight. The programme as run by Lindsey is about changing habits which you can continue for life. Lindsey made the programme very supportive and although it is challenging to some concepts I had she made it easy to understand and follow. The support through Facebook from the group and the emails from Lindsey were first class. Did it work – hell yes. Despite being in rehab from an op and only able to follow the habit strand I lost a relatively small amount of weight but the change in my shape was dramatic. I’m sure as I become more active the weight will come off as well. I’d recommend this to anyone.” – Mike



“I began working with Lindsey at the end of 2016 as my weight had been slowly going up & I was feeling lethargic, fed up & generally unhappy with my shape. My daughter’s wedding this summer gave me the motivation to seek out the help I needed to make the necessary changes to my eating habits.


Lindsey has been a great, encouraging, non-judgemental & inspiring coach. She has introduced new eating habits at each fortnightly ‘check in’ & I found these easy to adhere to. Very quickly I noticed that I had more energy & really enjoyed the simple changes to my diet.


After 12 weeks I had lost 1 stone and 1/2 lb & after 6 months I had lost just over 2 stone and it has stayed off over the last 6 months too.


All in all working with Lindsey has been a very positive experience, she has given me the knowledge to eat a more healthy diet & make better food choices which will now be a permanent part of my life.” – Alice



Still not sure?


Well here are a few more reasons:

  • It’s enjoyable, you’ll eat foods you like and no food or food groups will be banned.


  • It’s flexible, you can still eat out and enjoy yourself in social situations. We’ll make sure you know the correct portion sizes to aid weight loss and tips to be successful in pressurised social situations.


  • It’s manageable, the programme is broken down into 5 areas that are each focused on for 2 weeks. This avoids stress and confusion, which is very common with today’s diets.


  • It’s sustainable, you can continue eating the lean runner way forever. Even though the programme has an end date, it doesn’t mean everything stops when the programme comes to an end. You’ll already have formed healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


  • It’s educational, you’ll learn the importance of Protein, Vegetables, Carbohydrate and Fat within your diet and why each one is important for runners too.


  • The dedicated private facebook group will provide lots of useful tips along the course of the programme that are easy to implement plus it has the additional benefit of keeping you on track each day.


  • VIP’s will also get personal nutrition pointers at the start of the programme that will be focused on for the duration of the programme – so although its a group programme, you are still at the centre of everything we do.


Starting today, end the frustration of yoyo dieting, forget about counting calories and begin to enjoy the The Lean Runner way of doing things as we help you shift those stubborn pounds that don’t seem to want to go away.


Plus, we are that confident in the process, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


If you follow everything we recommend and don’t get any results, you’ll be able to get a full refund.



  • Basic Plan

  • £50
    • Weekly email full of actionable content
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Running Plan included – you choose your level
    • TLR90 Strength and Mobility Plan included
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group with Daily updates and advice
    • Self tracking progress
    • All of the content from VIP, perfect for the runner with high motivation but wants the knowledge to help their progress.
Best price
  • VIP Plan

  • £260
    • Weekly email full of actionable content
    • In depth induction process with personalised nutrition pointers
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Running Plan included – you choose your level.
    • TLR90 Strength and Mobility Plan included
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group with Daily updates and advice
    • Regular reports to keep you on track
    • Feedback directly from the Coaches for ultimate accountability
    • Option to email the Coaches for extra support
    • Limited to 8 people ONLY (due to the close contact time).
  • Payment Plan

  • £150
    • Weekly email full of actionable content
    • In depth induction with individual nutrition pointers
    • TLR90 Habit Based System
    • TLR90 Running Plan included – you choose your level.
    • TLR90 Strength and Mobility Plan included
    • TLR90 Private Facebook Group with Daily updates and advice
    • Regular reports to keep you on track
    • Feedback directly from the Coaches for ultimate accountability
    • Option to email the Coaches for extra support
    • Limited to 8 people ONLY (due to the close contact time).
    • Split Payment over two equal payments (first payment below)





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