Take away the STRESS and WORRY about creating your own training plan and have us do the planning for you

So now all you have to do is lace up your shoes and run – simple right?

Hey, I’m Coach Ant and between me and Coach Ben we are the guys in charge of Online Training at RunCamp (read more about us at the bottom of this page).


If I may say so myself, we are very good at keeping people motivated and setting training programs that work.


Helping you get faster,


Become stronger,


Less injury prone and


More motivated.


But Coaching at RunCamp is about WAY more than that.


Our role isn’t to tell you off for being lazy or telling you to stop watching TV or spending time with your family because you should be training…


We are here to find a better balance for you.

To listen to you,

Keep you on track for your goals

Organise your training (and take away the stress involved with this)

And make sure that you aren’t letting other areas of your life suffer as a result.


Becoming a better runner or triathlete isn’t about sacrifice

It’s about balance.


We are here to help you find that right amount of balance, where you can improve your performance without sacrificing all the other things in your life you enjoy doing.


What else can you expect…

 – Take away the worry of what sessions to do each week,

 – Have us to keep an eye on you, motivate you and keep you on track,

 – Resulting in fewer skipped sessions and more consistency (leading to faster running!)

 – Each week planned out according to YOUR availability, not a generic plan in sight,

 – Reschedule your plan at any time


Your plan is created based on YOUR availability.

If you can do 2 sessions this week and 4 next, we’ll plan for that and make sure you have the best sessions scheduled in for that time available.

Last minute meeting at work meant you skipped Mondays session…

Then we’ll reschedule it or change a couple of other sessions around so you don’t feel like you’ve failed this week.



The key thing is the plan is fully customised to you and to whatever goals you have, from a beginner targeting their first 5k to seasoned ultra runners and even Ironman Triathletes.

Fill out the form below (no commitment at this point) and we’ll be in touch in the next 24 hours with what comes next.

To fill in a RUNNING Coaching Plan (with Ben) fill in the application form below


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Coach Ant

Hey, I’m Coach Ant, I like the outdoors, exploring, travelling and spending quality time with my partner, as well as plenty of running, swimming and cycling.

I’ve learned and practised most of the things we need to know in the triathlon world, having gone from very inexperienced first time triathlete with zero training (I was THAT guy who really struggled) to now a 2x Ironman participant.

I am a Fitness Professional and Running/Triathlon Coach who has helped hundreds of people take up triathlon, become faster, less injury prone and become more focused, motivated and confident towards reaching their ultimate goals and even achieving things they never thought possible. 

Within my own training I work hard and aim to push myself to new limits, but I am 100% dedicated to having fun on my journey.

When I’m not doing sport, you’ll probably find me reading about it and many of the books I read I’ll also write about in my popular emails I send out.

Coach Ben
Ben’s goals are to inform, guide and encourage runners to improve in all areas of their
running fitness.
He believes running is all about the process, not just the end result, and aims to share his
knowledge and experience to help runners enjoy the steps that lead them to their goals.
Ben is an avid road and trail runner from 5km up to marathon, though occasionally you’ll see him
cycling too!
With all that exercise eating is naturally a very important part of Ben’s life but when he’s not
stuffing his face you’ll find him enjoying podcasts, reading about science, sports and
history, watching foreign language dramas or even travelling across Europe.

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