PB FEST! Plus secrets to a Sub 32 10k… ;)

21 Mar PB FEST! Plus secrets to a Sub 32 10k… ;)

Well there was certainly something in the air at the weekend…

That cool calm morning provided the perfect conditions at the Eastleigh 10k was numerous runners hitting their target times with some going far beyond their own expectations (this Coach included!)


But what made it such a great event?

The cooler temperatures?

The amazing local crowds out cheering?

Or is it just that so many people were targeting this as “The One” that you just cannot help but get swept away with the atmosphere.

Success breeds success. If you work closely with someone successful it will rub off I have zero doubt about it – and its one of the reasons why when I looked to improve what I was doing I looked to someone who was doing it better than me (my current Coach).

The Facebook Run365 Group had some great results (its free to join too so jump on board and get involved!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.50.45Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.51.51

Well done to Tessa from our Friday Night Interval Session:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.51.28


A special shout out to Paul Eves, shaving 2:25 off his previous 10k time… Plus a new 5k pb in the same event!

A credit to the consistency he has shown through his Online Coaching program and Friday Night Interval Sessions.

Paul Eves 2016 pbs

Also Paul Gale, currently on our Level One Course and en route to the London Marathon, proving that Marathon training won’t make you slower if you do it right!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.50.29

As an added bonus, I managed to grab myself a last minute number for the Eastleigh 10k. Feeling confident of running a new pb I figured why not!


I managed to reduce my time by 1:50 – bringing my pb down to 31:40.

I’m not saying it to impress you… honestly!

RunCamp is all about its runners, not its coaches. But what I’ve been asked numerous times today is whats changed this year?

Why after over 10 years of running have I suddenly knocked such a huge chunk off in an area which is usually about marginal gains?


Shockingly enough, I’ve ran LESS this year compared to when I ran my last pb in 2014 (straight off the back of marathon training when I was at my running “peak”)

My running is down to 3-4 runs per week, compared to marathon training where I was hitting 5-6. But importantly by sessions are more quality based.


Theres no grey area.


No filling in the gaps.


Just focused sessions.


I’ll have two reasonably big sessions mid week, one containing intervals, one more tempo based and one staple long run at the weekend.

I’ve done this without fail all year.

It’s not been pleasent or plain sailing, some have been horrible, nasty and put that feeling of dread into your stomach type sessions. But I’ve done them.

Of course, with training for an Ironman later this year, I’ve been adding in a lot of bike rides and swimming to keep up my aerobic fitness which I firmly believe is working wonders as a method of cross training, keeping my fitness levels up at a much lower risk of injury.


So a bit of food for thought for you today.


Are you possibly training too much?


Are there runs that you are using to “fill in space” in your week?


Could you make each of your runs more specific, more focused to help get you on the right track?


Of course, not everyone is interested in new personal bests, I get plenty of emails from runners wanting to prevent injuries.

And maybe…


Just maybe…

Bringing in some other types of training in-between harder sessions could be a solution?


Just remember, theres no such thing as a perfect training plan – but there are many things we could do to anyones plans to help them improve.




Coach Ant


P.S. Later this week, a top secret ninja tool to get you out running even when you feel like you can’t be bothered… With proof on how it works.

I’ll tell you about it on Wednesday 😉


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