Perfectly Imperfect Preparation

16 Nov Perfectly Imperfect Preparation

I was in two minds about writing this, but again, honesty fought its corner and coming across to all of you reading this as a human rather than a fitness alien was best so here goes it!


So the Gosport Half was on yesterday, windy was the forecast and boy it wasn’t lying.


Having seen the forecast on Friday night, I ditched my own plans of running a pb and instead decided to relax my usual pre day race routine of eating well, keeping an eye on my portion control and getting an early night (amongst other things like no caffeine, sugar and reduce carbohydrates).

These aren’t food choices for health by the way, just what I have done in the past which suits me.


So in went a lot of food, and we even went out late Saturday night to a birthday… There were also a lot of Haribo floating around too… (I do like the odd binge on Haribo…)


In short, most of the things I would do “right” before a run… I did “wrong”.



I’m not going to talk times (you can google the results if you wish) but in terms of HOW I ran, my head was in a good place, I didn’t beat myself up about the less than perfect preparation (which I would have been guilty of in the past)


The lesson?


Not every day has to be 100% perfect.


If it isn’t, certainly don’t beat yourself up over it.


Yes, if Usain Bolt decided to binge on Haribo before the Olympic Games maybe his performance might be affect… That does remind me of the 2008 story where he supposedly ate a lot of Chicken McNuggets..:

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.48.13

But the key is in trusting your own preparation. If you’ve done the hard work, nutrition has been good the last few months, training has been consistent, then on the day you’ll succeed.

Months and months of hard work will not disappear overnight.


If, however, you haven’t done the months and months of hard work and training, then I am afraid there isn’t any hiding!

For those of you signed up for Spring events, did you know there are 23 Sundays left before the big weekend of the ABP Southampton Half Marathon and London Marathon…


It’ll be here before you know it!


Our Jan Courses are filling up, handful of places left:

Tuesday evening 6:30-7:30 Southampton – only one place left.

**NEW SESSION** Thursday evening 6:00-7:00 Chandlers Ford

Friday morning 6:30-7:30 Southampton.

These will all commence from 11th January 2016 and include the following:

– RunCamp Video Day, before the start of the course, we will meet and video everyone running (Invaluable!)

– A spot on our Friday Night Interval Training Session to help you run faster (for the 12 weeks) (Worth £45)

– A RunCamp Technical Training T-Shirt (worth £20)

– Access to a Private Facebook group, to ask questions and engage with like minded runners

– Plus a FREE copy of our Ebook – #RunFast: Sessions designed to help make you a faster runner.

Until the end of November we still have an early bird offer, click on the >>LINK<< for details.


Coach Ant
P.S. We have also been asked to have a course set up in Gosport for the new year too… If you live near there and would be interested, just email and I’ll add you to the priority list.



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