121 Running Coaching Packages
are the most bespoke service we offer.

From detailed Video Analysis sessions, to individual running coaching sessions,
even down to the training programs we supply.

Everything is created around you.

In a Running Coaching Video Assessment we cover:

The simple technique adjustments which are currently
holding you back from your potential (via our Slow Motion VIDEO Analysis).

The sessions you need to be including in your training plan
on a weekly basis which will boost your speed and confidence.

How to improve your running times without running more.

The one session per week that will reduce your risk of injury
and help you run more consistently.

And as much else as we can fit in our session together.

We keep things simple here…

No silly jargon, just the things we know work for the runners we deal with.

From weight loss to faster running times. Frequent marathon runners to the first time 5k runner.

No matter your background, we know what can help you improve.

You’ll leave us motivated, more confident and ready to implement everything!

Our 121 running sessions kick off with a Video Analysis:

90 minute Running Assessment

In our Running Assessments, it's not a one size fits all approach.

The world of running technique is a minefield...

Should you forefoot strike? Heel strike?

Should you buy some fancy carbon shoes?

In this one session, we focus on the number one thing about running.



It's about you, your body and what your capabilities are.

There's little point buying the latest super shoe if your body isn't strong enough to deal with them.

So in this one session, we'll dig into what you can do to aid your running performance.

From technique/drills to strength exercises. Mobility/stretching to actual example running sessions we recommend for you.


What happens in a session?

We video you running at a number of different paces to see what you are currently doing.

We will then work through the footage with you so that you not only see what you are doing, but understand what is happening and why.

The rest of the session is spent helping you understand how to make those improvements through drills, coaching points and any other strength/flexibility exercises we think would benefit you.

We don't have a one size fits all approach, each and every runner we work with is unique and will get a thorough session that they'll walk (or run...) away from feeling happier and more confident in their running.

What you'll get:

  • 90 Minute Session with the Coach
  • Full Video Analysis
  • Coaching on Technique, Strength and your Training Program
  • Plus we can discuss any area you have any questions about too.

All sessions will take place in the New Forest (near Lyndhurst) and are completed outdoors where you can run naturally and enjoy some amazing views too.


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