Puncture Proof Your Running

24 Feb Puncture Proof Your Running

At the weekend I had a bit of a rubbish race.


First event of the year and I lined up for my duathlon.


At this point my fitness is a complete unknown. All I know is, my training has been going well.


My consistency this year has been brilliant. I’ve stuck to the plan my coach has set me (yes even I have one!) to roughly 95% – which for someone like me, who struggles with motivation is a really good percentage.

Yep, like most people I meet, training is a but of a chore, very rarely do I enjoy the thought of it. But post session I love it – weird how that works..!


I ran the opening 10k in a great time, felt really good too.


But onto the bike and within 500m disaster struck.


With a bang my back wheel had punctured and soon I was riding on a totally flat tyre – Race over ūüôĀ


Cue the walk back to the start, tail between my legs and frustration setting in.

My initial thoughts were to blame the road conditions. The roads were gritty, these caused the puncture.

I think I saw some small potholes, must have hit one. The organisers should have noticed this, maybe they are to blame.

Or maybe those tyres, they weren’t good enough, clearly the manufacturer is to blame.


The thoughts that go through your head when you get a bit angry!


Actually the only person who should take charge and accept responsibility is me.

I should have checked my tyres. I should have done a lap of the course to see what it was like.

  РAs a side note, when racing my bike, I very rarely carry a repair kit unless I know I am going to be in the middle of nowhere and this particular event took place on closed roads over 5km loops.


So… Lessons learnt…


Well, to puncture proof your running (see what I did there…)


^^ I couldn’t find a picture of a puncture stopping a runner though.


Control the controllable*.

You are in charge of your own destiny, in charge of your own results and in charge of what you do or not do.

You can either get annoyed about a result, or switch focus to the next target. Sadly not everything is going to go your way.

– You will have rough times where it feels like the world is against you.

– But you’ll also have times where you are on cloud nine and everything is easy.

And having days or even weeks of the former is well worth waiting for the latter option!


The best analogy I have heard is to remember there is always blue sky. Even when the dark clouds roll in and hide the blue sky… it still exists. You just have to wait for the storm to pass.



Coach Ant


P.S. *Talking of controlling the controllable, what I am actually getting at is monitoring what you are doing. The how much, how often and how hard.

I speak to a lot of runners who assume that faster/harder is always better.

But the best piece of advice I have ever read (for your non interval/speed sessions) is to finish like you could have pushed yourself more.

Its that final push that does the damage. You think to yourself “1km to go” or “10 minutes left” and you up the intensity. Push yourself to finish that little bit quicker.

But that extra push will have a knock on effect to your next session. Keep this up and your recovery window is diminished and chances of injury will start to rise.


So for a change my advice is to slow down


**Shock and horror!


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