Put your back into it

10 Mar Put your back into it

Another request this week, and this one is about posture.

Well, actually there are two lessons today…

The first one I’ll get out the way pretty quickly.

Lesson Number One – Don’t believe everything you read online, which sounds like an odd lesson considering that this is exactly where I am writing this, but its a good warning to have.

There are a LOT of mixed opinions on everything, and a quick search for running posture to find an image to explain my point brought up this beauty…



Apparently running correctly also means running with your arms and legs the wrong way round to 100% of the runners who currently run (no honestly, try running the opposite to how you usually run… its near impossible – certain things you really can’t change!)


Lesson Number Two: What does good posture actually look like?

The image above says that if you slouch, take a deep breath and it’ll magically cure itself. For some this may well happen, but some runners naturally have a slouch, and simply cuing them to “Run Tall” or “Stand Up Straight” just won’t cut it.

So what can we do to help out with our running posture?


Homework… *Insert Large Groan*


Yep, running is probably the last place you want to do actual work on your posture, you’ve got too many other things on your mind.

What pace, what time, what direction, how your feet are landing. Lets not add another to the list, especially for something as important as posture.


So I’ll try another tact…


Try these 3 exercises, all of them are designed to help improve posture and get muscles working that you might not have ever targeted before..!


Check them out by clicking >> HERE << 




Coach Ant,


P.S. Also, last weekend I sent out the details for the first ever RunCamp weekend in the New Forest.


If you didn’t get the email but are still interested in coming along, check out all the details here:




Any other topic ideas you’d like me to share out, feel free to get in touch: info@runcamp.co.uk


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