If you want to get faster at running this winter, you need THREE things.


  1. A decent PROGRAM to follow…

Now, I hate to take a long old blow on my little trumpet, but I am pretty good at writing programs and my online coaching side of things is pretty busy which tells me I’m doing something right…

So I’d like to think I can share a few tidbits of information on this subject 😀


  1. You also need ACCOUNTABILITY

Someone to run with, someone to motivate you, someone who’ll be there to tell yourself to “man up” when your having an off day, or maybe even someone to sympathise if things haven’t been going well.

The guys I coach have access to me WHENEVER they need me, I’m always happy to email and catch up on Facebook and some of my guys even have a monthly phone call with me to go through sessions and grab extra advice too.


  1. Plus a side of ACTION

Taking action is something we wish we were all better at. Just imagine how easy life would be if we could think about how much we wanted to do a super hard speed session and you crack on with it with zero hesitation.

This one might ruffle a few feathers but…

Action separates those who get the results they are hunting for, from those who wish for it or blame an external subject – like time… I’m afraid each and everyone of us is responsible for our own actions.




With these three things in mind, I’ve come up with a new plan.

I’m calling it RunCamp: Under Construction or “RCUC” as I’m hoping it’ll be fondly spoken as…

Under Construction is something I’ve wanted to name a program for a while, because each and everyone of us should view ourselves this way – none of us are the completed item and most likely we never will be (and we shouldn’t be either).


So what will RCUC be about?

And importantly how will it help you survive the winter and prepare yourself for the BEST running into 2018 you’ve ever had…?

Lets see:


Weekly planned program by Coach Ant. Basically you’ll be following a training plan written by me for the group. The mid week sessions will be similar for everyone, however the more experienced runners or those training for longer events will be given longer sessions to follow. Those new to running will be prescribed less.


Structured sessions. Each and every session will be pre planned with goals to achieve. There’ll even be an explanation WHY each session is useful too as personally, knowing the WHY behind the session boosts your desire to do it.


Ability/Goal specific too. If you are training for longer distance events, there is an option to run more, similarly if you are a faster runner, there are options to push yourself more. Not feeling fab on one day, then back it off and have a slightly easier option. At the end of the day, this is a carrot situation. I want to encourage. There are no sticks here to beat you if you slip up.


Accountability with all of us. A NEW group will be created (so the 365 one doesn’t get overwhelmed) and everyone who joins the program will be expected to post up EVERY run and EVERY training session, and if they don’t, well to be honest you’ll get out what you put in. I’m asking for commitment of the highest level for 3 months and in return, you’ll receive amazing results. Simple right 🙂


– In addition to the weekly running program, there will also be a detailed strength and conditioning video to go with it. This will be a “complete with me” style video which can be done at home. Again, once completed, you post up and let everyone know its done.


Stretches/Warm Ups and all the little extras. This program wouldn’t be “right” if it didn’t look after everyone doing it. So, there will also be videos on what stretches to do, how to warm up, these will all be “complete with me” style.


Webinars and Q&A sessions (will be held specifically for the group), so if you have ANY questions about next Tuesdays run for example, post it up and it’ll get answered. Not sure how many squats to do, we’ll get it answered. In short, it’s not just accountability you are getting, but coaching too.


– We’ll even make sure there is a back up if, heaven forbid, you get injured. This isn’t an excuse to avoid exercising completely, we’ll have alternatives to everything.


Now, this sounds like a lot, and the first response is usually “how am I gonna find time to do all of this..?”

I know time is limited for many of us, so the program I have written starts with 3 runs per week (of under an hour). Coupled with the strength exercises at 20-30 minutes each time to be completed twice per week, means that you can do this particular plan with just 4 hours per week.


Obviously if you have more time, there are more runs and workouts available too 🙂

This is going to be a big project and something I know will help a lot of runners in this group get motivated and keep going over the coming winter months.

As a result I only want 20 people to come through the process with me, and I honestly mean with me as I’m going to be there every step of the way with you – which to be honest, is priceless 😉


The program will start January 1st and “run” for 12 weeks.

The cost… Well, theres a big time commitment on my part, and I will be giving it my all to ensure everyone who gets involved will stay on board and make it the full 12 weeks much fitter, stronger and more motivated too.


In total it’ll be:

£67 for the 3 months – Equal the price of what I’d normally charge for one month of online coaching.
It’s less than a new pair of running shoes but this is GOING to make you faster and have you running faster and more focused.


PLUS – if you come into the program and decide it’s something you don’t like or you think you’ll not get any value from, then just let me know and I’ll refund you every single penny.


If you are ready, to commit to a stronger and fitter you, then tie up those running laces and click one of the two options below to get involved…

The program once purchased will start the following Monday, but you’ll have some tasks to action over the weekend in terms of goal setting and letting me know what you want to achieve from the program.

Payment in FULL (£67):



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