Run like you are being chased by a slightly tubby Labrador!

23 Nov Run like you are being chased by a slightly tubby Labrador!

Most bizarre subject ever..?


But the topic of pacing came up in last nights session – and Sian said it would probably be the topic of my next email…

And I couldn’t resist!


So how the heck did the subject of a Labrador chasing runners come up!

We were talking about pacing – and how many of us (myself included) talk about holding a 5k or a 10k pace.

What the heck does it mean!?

And what you should do if you have NO idea what pace this is?


Hence the slightly tongue in cheek comment in the subject line!


The honest answer (which is the strategy I used in my RunFaster ebook) is to have a rough guide of 1-5 in your head – see below:


In this 5 point pace guide, for the vast majority of people your 10k pace would be a 3/5 effort and 5k pace a 4/5 effort.

Maybe we should rewrite this in the following way…  😉

1/5 Being chased by a Chihuahua

2/5 Being chased by a Labrador

3/5 Being chased by a Boxer (unless he is distracted by a trampoline…)

4/5 Being chased by a Border Collie

5/5 Being chased by a Greyhound!

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about with trampolines… Check out the 2016 John Lewis Xmas ad… A must for dog lovers 😉

Pace is, and always will be a totally personal thing – and the more experienced you are, the easier you’ll find “pacing” yourself.

My best strategy is, especially during Intervals is to switch off from the watch and simply ask yourself – is this a pace that I could sustain for X kilometres (or miles).

And then adjust accordingly.


Coach Ant. black-friday-2

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