09 Nov Running InSPECTRE

So I managed to finally get along to the new James Bond film last night… Spectre.


Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

But there is something about new Bond I like a lot – the raw, gritty side that we never really saw in the Bonds of past.

It’s divisive, Bond should be suave, able to run through an army of baddies without them landing a shot like in the old days.

Now I liked old Bond, but I also like new Bond…


What it boils down to is change.


We’ve become used to seeing this character in a certain way. And now he’s changed.


In the same way change is difficult in running.
In my day to day job as a running inSpectre… (See what I did there… took me ages to come up with that!)

I see so many cases of runners wanting to improve, wanting faster running, to be able to run further.


But initially struggling with the change required to get to where they want to be.

I’m not just talking a change of technique here, but a change in themselves. Dedicating time each week to improving their running, with strength & core exercises, runs focused on technique/form, intervals to make them faster.

Yes, its easier to do nothing.

Not doing the same routine week in, week out. But will that bring about the result you want?


So from January, we are aiming to change runners’ perspective. We are aiming to make sure each of our runners includes weekly strength and core, weekly interval sessions and a focus on their running form.

The ultimate goal – to move you closer to the place you want to be.

Level One sessions are filling up fast, get involved here:


Sessions in Southampton on a:

Tuesday evening 6:30-7:30am OR

Friday morning 6:30-7:30am

Including the following…

– RunCamp Video Day, before the start of the course, we will meet and video everyone running (Invaluable!)

 – A Spot on our Friday Night Interval Training Session to help you run faster (for the 12 weeks) (Worth £45)
 – A RunCamp Technical Training T-Shirt (worth £20)
 – Access to a Private Facebook group, to ask questions and engage with like minded runners
 – Plus a FREE copy of our Ebook – #RunFast: Sessions designed to help make you a faster runner.
That link again: (discount only valid until the end of November).
Coach Ant
P.S. Oh and Bond running…
I think there are a few things we could work on there… A very tense upper body for one, although that might be because of the suit..!

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