Running Nerves and Messing Up!

21 Sep Running Nerves and Messing Up!

In a slight change to normal service below we have a piece from Coach Ben sharing a few thoughts….

Some thoughts about nerves… Fear of messing up and possibly disappointing someone…

When you worry whether it is going to go “right”?

Worry is an interesting subject, but we can control this with good preparation.


Hopefully you wouldn’t ever want to be that person on the start line to an event with minimal preparation…?

But I am going to pass over to Ben now…


Hey, I’m Ben.


Yep, thats me above!

If you haven’t already met me – I coach some of the Level One sessions as well as the Friday Night Intervals (special information about this coming up).


I wanted to talk about something that I did at the weekend which, sums up how many of us feel before a race.

It was exciting but also a bit nerve wracking.


With Ant away supporting others at a duathlon I was in charge of the RunCamp stall at the Hursley 10km, an excellent  multi terrain event that has been supported by RunCamp for the past few years.


When I found out about it I was a little worried, taking charge of the stand for the first time solo.

Would I get it right?

What if something goes wrong?

Will I be good enough?


All thoughts and doubts that I’m sure you experience at time to time with your running.


However 2 factors made sure that on the day everything went well

1)      Someone had the confidence in me (thanks Ant!), which gave confidence to myself

2)      I worked hard to make sure I was prepared and ready for the day


The event went really well, I tried a few new things and it was great to speak to so many RunCampers and prospective RunCampers about their running experience.

(See some of the images from the day here)


I was pleased with how the day panned out and put me in a really positive state of mind when I went for my run in the afternoon and made it feel so much easier too!


It also got me thinking how those 2 factors above are things that we at RunCamp do.


We are your support, your guidance and someone to be accountable to when it’s hard to find motivation.

We’re also the tools and the process to help you achieve your goals (whatever they are!).


During the past few days, my experience has also made me think more about embracing the process rather than the end result.

I enjoyed the preparation I did beforehand and it made me feel much more confident on the day so I could do the best job I can.


Enjoying the process makes everything so much easier and will undoubtedly lead to better results.

That’s exactly what the Friday Night Intervals are all about. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, or how fast you can run. It’s there for everyone to get what they need out of it.


You can join us this Friday for free – we are hosting a trial session for anyone who wants to give it and go and find out what the session is all about.

Anyone is welcome, the group is carefully managed so that no one is left behind and we are also having a social afterwards in the pub.


If you fancy coming along – we need to know rough numbers. So either pop an email to or head to the Facebook Event (and click “Going”)



Coach Ben

P.S. (Ant does one so I will too!) The group is perfect to give you motivation and accountability over this coming winter time, both Ant and I know that running during the winter is tough, but the key to a successful 2017 means putting in not only miles, but running at the correct intensity.

And this is exactly what the Friday Sessions are all about – quality intervals and zero junk mileage. You’ll be grabbing pb’s everywhere in 2017 with our help 🙂

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