RunSmarter [Special announcement inside… ]

01 Apr RunSmarter [Special announcement inside… ]

Dave (actual name has been swapped) is one smart runner.

A little while ago I sent him a quick email about something new coming to RunCamp and he snapped my hand off.

All I said was, we are bringing in something new and we’d like you to come and try it out.

He did, and is now a regular.

But so what?

Well, here’s how he put it:

“It’s been great, for a long time I’ve been suffering with tight calves, and awful quads. I’m usually crippled for a couple of days post training but recently, I’ve been feeling a lot better and my muscles have been recovering much quicker”

What is this craziness I hear you ask?

Well, may I introduce the newest addition to RunCamp…

Well, new isn’t strictly true, she’s been the backbone since the start.

Lindsey is now officially on board as the RunCamp Sports Masseur.

She works specifically with runners and is now opening up her diary to new bookings as she leaves her previous job to join the team full time.


Personally having regular massage is a no brainer, I’ve been on 100’s of massage tables over the years which is why I really wanted to bring someone to the team to work closely with you guys.


You’ll recover quicker, suffer less with aches and pains, de stress (probably the most important) and we can reduce your risk of injury (as your muscles won’t be so tight).


There’s a high chance that your running will improve too – which is always the number one goal here!


Plenty of you will ignore this, which is fine, massage is normally one of those things we will turn to when we get injured.


And we all know runners only do the things they know they should be doing once they get injured..!!


But, hit the link and we can show you exactly how we can avoid getting into this situation (if you want to of course).


If you don’t, that’s fine too.

Tomorrow I’ve got an email out about how I almost gave up on something I really wanted to do…


Fear got the better of me.

It’s not something I’m proud of, but honesty is the best policy.

Catch you tomorrow.



Coach Ant

P.S. Fancy getting your first massage booked in, de-stress and get those achy limbs sorted out once and for all!

Bounce us an email: and Lindsey will get you booked in.


Or hit the link for more details:





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