Secretly Lazy

16 Mar Secretly Lazy

I was having a chat the other day to someone who has recently joined RC for some Online Coaching – where we basically take all the stress out of training plans and do it for you, except actually doing the runs of course..!


On a quick review of how she was getting on she told me:


“Thanks so much for this weeks plan. In just the two weeks we’ve been working together I already feel more confident and am enjoying the variety in my running sessions. I was so lazy before and I can’t thank you enough for the big kick up the bum you’ve given me”


The bit I really wanted to highlight was the “lazy” bit.


This was directly from a runner who ran 3 x per week without fail.


Hard to call her lazy right?


Which is exactly what I said in response!


On digging a little deeper, we had a great chat about runners and how we habitually fall into traps.


What starts as something new and exciting quickly becomes a bit routine and monotonous. Well maybe not a habit, as its always hard to start that run… even though we love it once we get going!


But what we generally tend to see with many intermediate runners is a habitual run. A run that looks the same on paper for each session. With very little variation in pace or distance.


We fall into the grey area, neither pushing ourselves enough nor making sure the miles we cover are easy enough for the aerobic benefit we are aiming for.


What this ultimately means is we don’t improve, we stagnate.


This, although can’t be described as “lazy” is close behind. It means we are doing the exercise but not actually doing the “work”.


Its the equivalent of turning up for work on time but just falling asleep at your desk. You are present but you don’t really get anything done!


This is part of the reason why we introduced our Friday Night Intervals into our weekly schedule.


A session per week designed to get you out of your comfort zone, its not there to kill you off, but gently nudge you out of the comfort zone and into the “Improvement Zone”!


Fancy getting involved?

You can either jump on board >> HERE << (Southampton @ 7:30pm and Gosport @ 6:30pm)


If you join in one of our April Courses, the Friday night sessions are FREE.

These will start on the following days and run for 12 weeks:

Tuesday evening (Southampton) 6:30pm

Wednesday evening (Gosport) 6:30pm

Friday morning (Southampton) 6:30am


>Improve your technique, strength and fitness in 12 weeks <<



Coach Ant


P.S. I realise reading this back that it sounds a bit harsh, it’ll annoy a few people who run just for the fun of it.

Something I have nothing against – however for those that really want to improve, then doing the “work” is what is required. I hope I have made this clear 🙂

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