Do you get Session RAGE?

03 Aug Do you get Session RAGE?

I’m going to say early on there is a little freebie at the end of this message… But first…


I don’t know about you but I had a pretty good weekend on the exercise front.


Good enough to feel happy posting about it on Social Media and a certain Strava.

Which is always a funny topic if you ask me.


I held a seminar a few months back, talking about the 10 biggest problems runners face, and this was my number ONE.



Issues like – having to run fast to impress everyone, or sprinting a certain section of your run to get a new best time are all issues that can have an impact on your training run (i.e. if you are maximally sprinting up a hill during a long run – you’ve just ignored the whole reason for doing that long run).


It deviates from many of our reasons to run…


To improve yourself, to be healthier, to have a positive impact on your children when they see a fitter you.


And sadly you can’t give a thumbs up or a kudos on that.


But I do totally get that we are ALL different. I tend to only post up on there when I am feeling good about my running.

Theres no right or wrong moment, just when I feel I have strung together some good runs.


Much like the highlight reel of Facebook when certain people only post their amazing holiday pictures (damn them 😉 )


So whats the focus behind todays post?

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.45.47

Motivation in a BOX

Well I was inspired by a comment I saw on Facebook about how Strava is WRONG.

That people are getting too competitive.


BUT – YOU need to find what works for YOU.

Whether it’s using Strava, being old school with pen and paper,

Or working closely with a Coach to give you a good kick up the bum….


Working our if you are…


– In competition with yourself (seeing your own improvements over time, whether fitness, times or body shape).

– Or competition with others (seeing you finish closer to your friend, or even surprising people that you CAN do a marathon, even when they said you couldn’t).


It’s all healthy.


Just don’t become obsessed with it.


I meet runners who’s whole reason for running is to beat person X. Or to try and beat their weekly mileage.


No one is a superhero. No one will be at their fittest all year round and everyone has an off day (or week or month).


What isn’t healthy is punishing yourself when you do have those bad days.


A run is a run – no matter what the pace is. The fact is you did it, not that you didn’t beat last weeks time.


So if you ever find yourself filling with doubt.

Worried about going out on that run in case it’s not as good as last week.


Just run.



Run Strong

Coach Ant.


P.S. If you are looking  for something to give you a good bit of motivation, a structured session that has proven to make runners faster… Check out our Coached Interval Session…


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