[Competition Inside] Shoot for the moon…

25 Mar [Competition Inside] Shoot for the moon…

And you might hit the stars.


Shoot for the trees and you might only hit the kerb…



Ambition, some runners have it in large doses, others less so.


What is it that separates them?

Is it purely the desire to improve or is it that some see improvement and become spurred on by it and then start to become more ambitious?


Truthfully I don’t know, I can take a stab in the dark and say that what you are currently doing and feeling will have a direct effect.


For instance, someone who has just hit a new 5k pb, is without a doubt going to be feeling in fine form and looking to better this marker, targeting other events and looking into what they can improve.


Much like Martin from our Friday am Level One group:


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 13.11.16


A new pb with a bike and a run to do immediately afterwards!


Whereas if you are frustrated at not improving but also not doing anything about it…


Completing the same runs, same routes, same routine.


Then I can guarantee the outcome won’t be changing anytime soon.


One of the most popular questions I get, what if I change what I do and it goes wrong for me/I fail…?


Well this brings me onto one of my now favourite sayings (Thanks to Sarah also from the Friday am group)…


Theres no such thing as failure, only growth.


If you change your routine and it doesn’t work, then you can still adjust your course, which is exactly why we at RunCamp are here!


We’ve worked with hundreds at runners working on their technique, their training plans, the strength training.


And we like to think we know a lot about it.


So why not take the guess work out of it!


New Courses are kicking off next month for both our 12 week Technique Course and our 12 week Strength Course.


Check them out for the fast track to better running.




Coach Ant,


P.S. A little competition for you… Tomorrow I’m taking part in the World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff.

Its a pretty massive event, and last week I ran a new pb over 10k of 31:40 at Eastleigh.


So your challenge… Guess my time tomorrow…!


Closest guess gets a FREE Black RunCamp T-Shirt.


Just hit reply (if your reading this via email) or send a message to info@runcamp.co.uk

Just pop the word “Competition” as the subject!



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