SIX tips for successful weight loss in runners

28 Mar SIX tips for successful weight loss in runners

Most people will have tried a diet or two in their time and lost weight.

But the weight they lose often creeps back on and in some cases, people will gain even more than they lost.

The main reason behind this is due to the fact that the diets of today (you know the ones, the ones that guarantee you results in super quick time), rely on heavy restriction for the super quick results.

Restrictive diets will very quickly make you miserable, let’s take a little look why:


– Off limit foods (including many of your favourites) – No one enjoys that!

– Some suggest drinking juices only….YUK! 😝

– The small amount of calories you are expected to eat are often far too low to even function day to day, let alone do any exercise. Why spend all day feeling hungry?

– Or they prescribe certain packaged foods full of ingredients that we have no idea what they mean…


Surely if your goal is to lose weight, you would rather lose weight steadily in an unrestrictive, supportive and educational environment, where you will maintain your new weight for the rest of your life?


This is possible by the way and is why we put together the Lean Runner 90 Programme.


We educate and guide you through a 12 week programme that is broken down into manageable chunks and focuses on forming healthy habits and not restriction, low calories or banning your favourite foods.

The reason we focus on forming healthy habits is because it is a far more successful and enjoyable experience for anyone wanting to lose weight.

You want to make sure that the weight loss plan you follow is something that you can see yourself doing forever, not just as a quick fix to lose some weight quickly.

We’ve also created this specifically for runners (of ALL abilities) because the types of foods you are choosing and the amount you are eating is SO important to fuel your exercise routine, no matter how much or little you exercise.


By focusing on less, you can achieve more

Research has shown that when you focus on one habit at a time you have more than an 80% chance of success, compared to when you focus on two habits at a time where your chance of success drops to below 35% and to below 5% when you focus on 3 habits at a time.

We live in a world of new technology at every turn and expect everything now!

Unfortunately weight loss does not happen like that, weight loss is possible, you just have to realise it will take time to lose weight steadily, which is where forming healthy habits and consistency with nutrition and exercise come in.


The best way to create a new habit is to focus on one thing at a time, exactly as we do in TLR90 – we focus on one new habit every 2 weeks with plenty of support from the dedicated facebook group.

It also helps to have a goal, know your why (reason you want to achieve your goal), tell as many people as possible about your goal, post about it publicly and track how well you do each day and tell people – this is also something TLR90 will go through in more detail with you.


If you think you can lose weight successfully by doing a massive overhaul and changing everything from the start, then think again.

Here are our 6 tips for successful weight loss

  • Focus on ONE habit at a time
  • Chose something EASY to start with, as you become better at habit forming you can add harder habits later along your weight loss journey
  • MEASURE your success for each habit (e.g. I will eat 2 vegetables at dinner time = yes or no answer = measurable – you can work out your success percentage for each week – aim for 80-90% for the best results)
  • Be CONSISTENT, if you can do the habit at the same time each day it will help form a strong habit (e.g. I will have breakfast every day or I will do mobility exercises before breakfast)
  • CHECK IN with yourself daily (e.g. ask yourself if you did the habit, how that makes you feel, have you noticed any changes in your body or energy levels?)
  • Keep POSITIVE, we all have the odd day when things don’t quite go to plan and that’s ok, acknowledge it, brush it to one side and start a fresh


If you would like some more help on your weight loss journey then check out TLR90, which starts on Monday 9th April:

Find Out More About TLR90

It provides a supportive online group setting, where we keep things simple yet effective and focus on one healthy habit at a time, alongside a running plan, strength plan and HIIT routines for all levels to get you feeling the happiest and healthiest you have been in years, as well as smashing PB’s!

Remember to focus on one thing at a time, be consistent and keep positive.




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