28 Oct Smashing Marathon PB’s

Yesterday was a great day for some of the marathon runners in RunCamp.

We had 2 new personal bests and one other amazing performance which I am positive would have been a new pb had it not been for a couple of other issues.

Firstly Steve, whose previous best was from Bournemouth Marathon last year, he came to RunCamp Online Coaching (having been within our groups) shortly after this point and yesterday took a total of 30 minutes off this previous time…



Sarah too, in a similar fashion, ran 4:40 at Bournemouth and yesterday took 20 minutes off this time!


Fay ran at Amsterdam, an amazing time, even though she ran with a stone in her shoe the whole way, and got held up at the start (apparently there were queues getting into the stadium and people were missing their start pens).

Regardless, she still ran within 2 minutes of her personal best from last year.


I got hit with a fair few Facebook messages yesterday after I put up these stories.

All along the line of ‘How’, ‘Whats the secret’…

I’m going in with the cliche of dedication and hardwork, as following these three over the past year as closely as I have, this is 100% true.

They have followed around 90% of their training to the finest point (I would never expect 100%… we all have social lives, families etc…).

On days when they felt low, they still put the hours in. When I’d see them during the week in our sessions, they would mention tiredness, fatigue… But still they would get the work done.

So what was my role in this? Apart from planning the sessions, its accountability too. Someone to turn to when the training gets tough. Someone to reassure, hopefully motivate and push on to greater things.

So a huge well done to the three mentioned above. A well earned rest now!

If you would like to see if you could get up to 30 minutes off your marathon time… Why not speak to us via our Free Coaching Call?

I can talk you through exactly what these three and many more of our runners do in order to get the results that they want.

Heres a hint… (we could chat through what this graph means too!)



Coach Ant


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