Snap Yourself Out Of It!

08 Feb Snap Yourself Out Of It!

Last week I was a wreck. Lots of “work” on. (I still struggle to define this as work!)

Trying to find time to squeeze in that training session.Trying to find time to spend with my other half

Plus I had my car mot due on Friday, which I thought I’d time with a trip to see Mother Gritton down in Sussex, which meant a day off (shock and horror!)

The impression of being a calm, organised, prepared Coach is sometimes total rubbish.

Its very similar to the Facebook show reel we all experience on a daily basis.

We see everyones highlights, their new pb’s, the shiny medals. But we never see their lows.

Everyone is human, everyone has their lows.

It’s normal.

And last week I had a low.

And in true Facebook fashion, when I have a low…I go quiet. [A little secret for you right there!]

I know the symptoms and it all boils down to a lack of control (or perceived control).

It felt like everything had gotten away from me and I was playing catch up.

Like a snowball careering down a mountain, its not what started it that is the problem…

It’s what is keeping it going.

You might be feeling down right now, we are hitting that mid point between the new year and those spring marathons, halves and 10k’s.

I’ve spent the morning reading through all the stuff going on in the Run365 group.

These are an incredible bunch of people who have come together and are opening up about their highs and lows. It makes great reading and also helps you realise that you are not the only one to have struggles!

You are totally normal if you do.

And if you don’t… Well you are clearly one of the lucky ones!

In which case send me your finest tips 😉


Coach Ant.


P.S. I’ve had a number of emails popping up about our group courses. I am afraid we are closed until April. However, if you are interested in a weekend drop in morning.

A chance to chat running, training plans, technique, nutrition and probably grab a coffee or two (cake totally optional..!) then bounce an email right back to me and I’ll see what I can do.

A whole morning dedicated to helping you be a better runner. Plus you’ll walk out more focused and dedicated towards your next event?

I’ve not even planned this out yet, it just came to me whilst writing this message.

But if I can help one person become more motivated on the road to their marathon, half or any other event coming up. It’ll be totally worth it. Bounce me an email and let me know. (

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