Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It allows you to train harder, as well as tolerate more training due to improvements in your recovery time.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage can help correct problems and imbalances in the soft tissue that are caused by repetitive and strenuous activity.

Having regular sports massage is a valuable tool in your training kit and can help boost your recovery and achieve your running goals.

The benefits include:

  • prevent injuries
  • improve recovery
  • relieve pain and fatigue
  • reduce the intensity of DOMS
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve range of movement
  • removal of waste products
  • muscle relaxation
  • increase blood flow
  • invigorate muscles
  • reduce stress and anxiety

When should I have a Sports Massage?

Having a monthly sports massage will help prevent injuries by noticing tight areas that need working on before problems arise.

Its worth taking into account your training schedule when booking a sports massage, as its beneficial to have a sports massage the day after a hard session and allowing enough recovery time post massage before your next training session.

If you have an event coming up and feel you need a sports massage, its best to have one 3-5 days before the race, or if you haven’t had one for a while then 7-10 days before, this allows your body time to recover from the massage.

Once you have completed your event, to help with your recovery and get you back to training quickly, a post race massage will have the greatest benefits if given straight after your race or up to 2-3 days after the event.

What to expect from a Sports Massage

Your initial Sports Massage with RunCamp will last an hour and involve a consultation (lasting about 10 minutes), followed by your sports massage.

Sports massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. However when working on tight muscles and using different techniques some discomfort may occur.

The therapist will ask how you are during the massage and adaptions to the massage can be made.

Sports Massage availability

Lindsey is available at the following times and days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4:30pm, 6pm and 7:30pm.

Daytime appointments are also available, please email for more details.

How do I book my Sports Massage?

Please email for bookings and any sports massage enquiries you may have, purchases can be made via the options below:

  • Single Sports Massage

    • Ideal to relieve your tight and achy legs
    • 1x1hour Sports Massage
    • £35

  • Recovery Package

    • The Recovery Package, perfect as a gift (to yourself or a running friend!)
    • Help keep in tip top condition
    • 3x1hour Sports Massage (expires 3 months after first session)
    • £99

  • Race Package

    • Ideal for anyone with an event on the horizon
    • Keep your legs feeling fresh before race day
    • 10x1hour Sports Massage (expires 6 months after purchase)
    • £300

  • VIP Package

    • Perfect for anyone with an event on the horizon who wants to recover quicker from their training sessions
    • Keep your legs feeling fresh throughout training and perform well on race day
    • Weekly Sports Massage is available for you
    • Email for more details

“I’d been looking for a sports masseur for a while. When I heard about the massages on offer at Run Camp. I thought I’d give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s great being a part of Run Camp and having a masseur from the same company. Lindsey’s been great and dealt with several minor injuries. I’d recommend Lindsey to anyone seeking a friendly, value-for-money and efficient service!”

Ian Grasmeder

“I completed my first marathon in 2014 (London) and never thought about a massage. My recovery was slow and I felt tired for a while.
This year I ran the Southampton marathon. Having been on the Runcamp weekend, I felt more prepared as to how I should look after  myself pre and post the event.
My pre marathon massage put me in a place where my legs felt free to go and do the job. I got a PB!!! The post marathon massage was as if Lindsey put me back together. Even my husband said I left not walking properly and returned as normal. Thank you for working your magic. My recovery took three days.
My next marathon will certainly include a sports massage as I definitely feel that helped. How and why did I not know about importance of this before.”
Kelly Brooks

“I had neglected a long term Achilles injury and since my sessions with Lindsey I now understand the importance of a regular sports massage. 
I now know when I need to ease back a bit with running and book a session with Lindsey.
Not only is Lindsey excellent in her work, but due to her friendly personality it is always a relaxed session (although can be painful!)  Would highly recommend.”
Lisa Ashdown

“What a difference having my monthly sports massage with Lindsey has made to help keep running related injuries at bay. I have noticed a vast improvement in the tightness of muscles, especially my calves, which have been a major problem in the past and I thankfully no longer suffer with middle-of-the-night cramps. I also like that Lindsey marry friendliness with professionalism and make the treatment an enjoyable, if sometimes a little painful, experience.”
Tessa Lock

“I started running about two and a half years ago and literally got the bug ! Had heard of sports massages but put them off as didn’t think I needed them. After about a year my hamstrings broke down and had to have physio and a long lay off.
I discovered the runcamp team and they got me on a training plan with a monthly sports massage….one year on I am injury free and really enjoying my running again.”
Simon Ashdown

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