Staying Hungry

21 Jun Staying Hungry


As much as I like talking about food… It isn’t what this quote is about!

Steve Jobs whether you are an Apple fan or not certainly had a huge impact on the world. And one of my favourite speeches he made included the phrase “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”


This governs motivation in a huge way. Whether you are a runner striving to work towards a marathon, your first 5k when you book in chances are you are hungry to work towards that goal.


The hardest part (I personally find) is smack in the middle of progress.


Almost like a “U” shape…

At the start, motivation is high, focus is on the target and we are fully up for it.

Middle of the journey, things start getting tough, you’ve started, but the initial buzz has dropped off. Distractions creep in and attention beings to wane.

Towards the end of the journey, excitement starts to come back, we can almost start to smell that start line!


All well and good on paper – but back to that initial quote:

Stay Hungry.


How can we ensure that over the period of training we are doing in the lead up keeps us hungry (striving towards the next goal)


Similarly, once we have completed the said challenge (which is exactly what I am experiencing now) how do we get ourselves “hungry” again.


For me I am very goal orientated. If I have something on the horizon, I am in a happy place. I look forward to race morning, the early start, the planning, the warming up, the race itself and seeing just how the last few months of handwork are going to pay off.

However, I really don’t look forward to long periods of training without a mini goal on the way!

So I am currently browsing around trying to find some challenges to complete.


The crazier the better (any suggestions!?)


Post them up in the RunCamp365 group on >>this post<< if you have any thoughts, or let us know any events you are having a go at.


Stepping stone goals are great, as are having different things to focus on, which is why we have created a new program ready for August…


Just during the month of August, you are invited to join RunCamp on the August #RunStrong – I’ll probably come up with a better name at some point..! 😉


As we won’t have any new courses starting until September, and I’m getting asked about what is happening over the summer, so this is perfect!


Every Tuesday from the 2nd August will be a RunCamp Strength and Conditioning session in Southampton.

An hour designed to get you stronger, more flexible and on track for faster times come the Autumn!

This combined with the Intervals on the Friday from the 5th August (7:30-8:30pm) will see improved running times, fitness and confidence come September.


If you have never come along to RunCamp before, the session time will be 6:30-7:30pm. For those who have previously been on a Level One Course with us, the time of the session will be Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm.


Four Weeks, Eight Sessions (Tuesday and Friday). It’ll be different and it will definitely keep up your hunger over the summer period!

>> Grab Your Spot Here <<

We won’t run anything like this again plus as the September Tuesday evening course has just 2 places remaining, it might be your last chance to join us until January 2017!




Coach Ant


P.S. I never touched on the be foolish part of the phrase – in essence it hints at pushing yourself further, forgetting what we are told we can or cannot do  and just doing it. Heading out of that comfort zone and just seeing what happens.


I know – its a horrible thing to do, but I can honestly say whenever I have stepped out and done it, I have never regretted it.


Clever man that Mr Jobs 🙂



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