running with man flu struggling

14 Nov Struggling!

It was a tough weekend.


And the guys reading this will sympathise… I’ve been hit with a bout of man flu!


It’s quite an achievement that I have made it as far as the laptop and can actually type this message! 😉


Clearly the Lemsip is having a positive effect.


I know I am not the only one, with a number of my coached runners emailing in and saying that they are feeling a bit run down, sniffling and generally finding some sessions tougher than they should be.


So should we write things off? Are there any positives or negatives to going out training when you are feeling a bit under the weather?


Should scrap any kind of movement? Stay in under a blanket (until we have that hot flush and kick it off!)


Or should things be kept normal, still run etc but at a lower intensity?


In my books, a runny nose, cough or general cold like symptoms you’ll be fine running BUT – keep it easy.


Don’t try and ht any hard intervals or hill reps as you’ll be setting yourself up for failure, which will also affect you psychologically.


Anything more severe… (and you’ll know if this is you)

Take a day or two off.


But won’t I lose my fitness in that time?

NO… It’ll take a lot longer than a couple of days for you to significantly lose your level of fitness. In fact a bit of rest never hurt anyone 😉


Over the weekend I took part in my second ever cyclocross event (think cross country running but on two wheels).

It was a technical course, muddy and in my eyes a lot of “fun”.


I felt horrendous Saturday afternoon and into Sunday (the day of the event).


Nonetheless, I still gave it a go. Started off treating it like a training session, but within a few minutes of the gun going I really got into it and started feeling much better.


I’m not sure there is a lesson learned there – but I know for me, if I’m feeling rubbish, I need to keep things fun and take my mind off it.


Scale back on the intensity, and go back to basics. Even if you just get out for 5 minutes and realise that it was a really bad decision, just turn around and walk home – at least then you’ll know!



Coach “Man Flu” Ant

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