Success From Mexico – World Triathlon Championships

28 Sep Success From Mexico – World Triathlon Championships

Todays Guest piece is from Kelly who recently secured her place on a plane to Mexico for the World Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships in her Age Group.


From a coaching point of view she is the perfect athlete, dedicated, humble and committed to what she wants to achieve.


Kelly isn’t someone who has all the time in the world to train either…

She is someone who travels (a lot) with work, a mother of two awesome kids, a wife and probably a whole host of other “stuff” going on in her life so this is an incredible journey.


I’ve known her for a while, through 121 coaching and now she follows RC’s Online Coaching Plans.


And below she gives a good overview of the experience of Mexico and the triathlon! [A link to her blog is at the end]

World Triathlon Championships in MEXICO!

I surprisingly qualified to compete in the World Triathlon Championship in Cozumel, Mexico. I got the nod in around June time with the race being on 15th September 2016. I also decided to do the Aquathlon the day before.

With a big fear of being rubbish I contacted Ant to discuss coaching as I have been to RunCamp sessions and HurtBox sessions before and was impressed with Ants knowledge and coaching style.

[For those who don’t know HurtBox is where Coach Ant coaches cycling!]

In our first meeting we discussed expectations and goals, we also discussed how much time realistically I could train a week (full time job, kids etc).

Ant was really good in finding out all the relevant info in order to plan my training to fit in my life and make it manageable.

We used Training Peaks which is a programme that you use to record your training.


Ant set the first week and off I went. The program emails you as a reminder of your session plus you can see the session on the app on your phone. I got a great feeling of satisfaction completing the sessions and making them green!

Each week was planned a week in advance which mean Ant carefully looked how my week went and the results of each session so he could plan the next week according to that.

You could clearly see each block and session had a purpose. There was clear progression to each week. This shows Ant’s expertise and experience.


What I really liked is the detail on the plan, for example interval sessions (run) not only have the pace to run at but the track sessions were broken down into how long each 400m should take.

This makes it really easy to stay on pace. This was the same for the turbo sessions and training to power.

The swim sets were varied and tough to keep it interesting! The sessions were tough but just the right intensity to make progress and recover for the next session.


At points in my training I had bad sessions so I would message Ant saying I felt tired or the session didn’t go too well, Ant was quick to respond with great snippets of advice and good reasons why I was feeling how I was. It gave me great confidence to keep going. Having said that I loved the training!

As race day loomed I got the usual panics… should I have a bike fit? (a week before the race!) I need a new helmet etc… Ant was very good in getting me to chill out and to trust in the training!


I went to Cozumel feeling prepared.

The result from my races simply show how much of a good coach Ant is.


Qualifier at Eaton Dorney Sprint Triathlon in May (Pre coaching) –  1:20:34
– Swim 12:49 Bike 42:31 Run 22:48

About 9 minutes behind the age group winner.

ITU World Triathlon Championships Cozumel – 1:12:29
– Swim 12:10 Bike 33:47 Run 22:28

2nd Brit and 18th in my cat. Only 1 minute behind the same person above.


I knocked minutes off my bike which was my weakness. I also had a really fast swim as this swim was a non wetsuit sea swim which is much tougher than the calm lake at Dorney. The run was strong too considering the 30-degree heat with 90% humidity making it almost impossible to run at pace!

I can not wait for the next period of training to start and see what next season holds!


[Back to Ant…]


If having a plan made specifically for you sounds like something you could benefit from (for triathlon or running), click the link below to apply for a phone call and we’ll chat through exactly what it entails and how we can help.

>> Apply for your call here <<



Coach Ant


P.S. If you want to read a bit more on Kelly’s journey, she has been catching up on all of her exploits this year:





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