Technique and Strength Course

RunCamp’s original and most popular running course is Our Technique & Strength Course.

If you are looking to work on your running technique, whether thats to become a little faster or maybe more economical, read on.

RunCamp created the very first Technique Coaching course back in 2012, back then the goals were simple, to educate runners on how to improve their technique when running to help reduce their injury risks.

Fast forward to today and the benefits from the course have far outweighed these early goals.

Runners are now reflecting on how thinking about their technique helps improve their mindset when they run.

Rather than focusing on any negatives, like how fast they aren’t running or beating themselves up if a run doesn’t go to plan. They can instead think about their running technique.

Personally, when the going gets tough on a run, I focus on what my body is doing, how can I improve my efficiency and this tactic has got me through many of those “dark” times which we all have from time to time.

Not just mindset improvements but also physical performances too:

“Just a short note to say thank you, on Saturday I achieved a new PB at Southampton parkrun, something I haven’t done for over 2 years. ” – John Clarke.

We now place a large focus on strength work during our sessions too, we know that including regular strength work can improve your speed, strength and resistance to injuries too. This is no secret.

All of the sessions we complete with you in the course are bodyweight only, so you can replicate them at home with zero fancy kit to buy. We also provide a number of bonus routines too, so even after the course is complete, you’ll still have plenty of ideas and sessions to have a go at.

This course is for you if you are interested in:

– You want to know  how to improve your running technique and efficiency, in an environment where we help you learn rather than just tell you that you are doing is wrong.

 – Lowering your personal bests, and we’ve helped runners shave minutes off their 5k times in the past

– Being able to run further, easier. Isn’t this the goal for any runner? We’ll we can show you how and you’ll feel the difference after just one week.

 – Getting stronger. Improving strength is one of those things we know we SHOULD do, but rarely find time to do. In our weekly session we prioritise strength and you’ll be given plenty of ideas to try at home too.

 – Boosting your fitness. Over our course, you’ll improve your fitness and your confidence will rise as a result.

– Being part of a supportive community. At RunCamp we have built an amazing community of helpful and enthusiastic runners who are there to help and assist no matter what.

We cover a wide range of topics over the course of 6 weeks. 

One of the main goals from this course is that we want to educate runners too, we don’t want to just tell you what you are doing is wrong. We have a small section of theory each week all of this is covered in more detail in the online part of the course where you’ll be able to recap everything including videos of all the exercises and drills, plus read up the article about that weeks session – this element of the course only takes around 5-10 minutes to read up on, so no large homework requirements either.

The key topics we cover in the course are:

– Foot Landing to improve your running technique and efficiency

– How to move your arms for the best impact

– Whats the best running cadence for YOU

Breathing techniques

– Mobility exercises to improve your flexibility

– And much more.

Each week will have a dedicated section to running technique, strength training and fitness training too.

Whats included..?

Well, you’ll get a lot of fantastic bonuses when you join us:

Each week you’ll get access to a coach in a small group to go through each weekly topic. There’ll be aspects related to running cadence, stride length and much more. Each week you’ll be taken through the theory and you’ll be helped with all of the drills and what to do outside of your weekly session.

As a attendee on our courses you’ll get access to the coaches and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have about quite literally anything!

Each week an email is sent out to remind you about everything covered that week plus the password to access the online version of the course (details further down…)

Every week, you’ll get access to our Coached Interval Group, plus you’ll still be getting feedback on your running technique during these sessions too.

We also include everything we do in person as an online course too – you’ll get access to all of this so you can keep up the good work from the comfort of your own home.

The hugely successful technique webinar is yours to download and consume at your leisure. It’s 80 minutes of pure running knowledge and will let you in on some great tips.

Our RUNFAST ebook currently sells on Amazon for £7.99 and contains 50 of our favourite running sessions you can do in less than an hour. You’ll get an electronic version of this for free.

How to get involved…

Join the next Technique Course right here:

Monday 24th June 2019 19:00-20:00
At The Southampton Sports Centre

Payment In Full for £99.00
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If you’d prefer to follow the ONLINE ONLY version of the course (6 weeks of videos and emails to follow in your own time) then hit the button below and we can get you started right away:

Payment In Full for £29.99
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We believe this is the most comprehensive coaching course for runners and as such have received positive feedback from previous course attendees:

“I’ve had a year I never thought possible. RunCamp have been a massive part of it. If you are in any doubt, my advice is to just try it. I’ve done RC1 [Level One] RC2 [Level 2], Intervals, and have a personal online plan. My technique, fitness and race times have all massively improved. “

– Paul Eves.

“So good to actually talk about HOW to run rather than just about running .. bring on next week!”

– Rob Aubrey.

“My goal for the summer was to get a sub 21 minute 5k – achieved!! Southampton parkrun this morning in 20:50!

Massive thanks to Ant and his awesome runcamp course, highly recommended for all abilities of runners!”

– Sarah Winstone.

“Ant and his team are dedicated awesome athletes willing to give you everything you need to succeed in your goals and enjoy running safely and injury free… 100% first class service”

– Julian Porter.

“I really appreciate what you have taught me and truly believe it will take my running, training and overall times to a new level. I have recommended RunCamp to anyone who will listen as I believe you have an excellent program. I am a better runner because of you, thank you.”

– Mark Dyer.

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