The Budget – The Lifetime ISA and running (it’s not as boring as it sounds… honest…)

18 Mar The Budget – The Lifetime ISA and running (it’s not as boring as it sounds… honest…)

Friday is my favourite day of the week, I spend most of it sat at my laptop going through all of the RunCamp Online Coaching Programs seeing what people have been up to.

Seeing their highs and lows for the week.


The results this week have a knock on effect to what is set for next week. I.e. if you’ve had a bad week this week, then efforts next week MUST be scaled back.


The prime example for the past week is the number of people that seem to have colds… I’m sure I’m not the only one coming into contact with all these ill people am I..? 😉


The natural reaction for most runners with a cold is to try to keep running, and even if they do need to have an enforced rest day, next week they will just pick up where they left off.

The normal reasoning around this time of year is that “I can’t let my fitness drop – I’ve got a marathon coming up”


Guess what – you won’t lose fitness in a couple of days, heck I’d even go as far as saying taking a week off you’ll not lose much fitness.


Now for the Budget…


Imagine your fitness levels are like the new Lifetime ISA announced by George Osbourne this week (I’m giving this post a bit of a Budget feel).


Lets say you have invested 3 weeks of consistent running into your ISA.

You’ll not only have invested this into your fitness bank account, you’ll also have it topped up with the positive mental effect of running too (about another weeks worth of fitness I reckon..!)

The more you run, the more you will have invested into this account and it will build up over time.


It will take something very dramatic for you to lose this in such a short space of time.


For you this is great, it means skipping a session or two won’t do you any harm, but if you consistently start skipping sessions – this is when things start becoming an issue.

From experience, you’ll still have ownership of the 3 weeks of fitness, but you will have lost this extra week of mental strength – your confidence will be lower and as a result you won’t feel as fit as you were before.


At the end of the day – we are all human.


There is no such thing as the perfect training plan for everyone, if you become ill, or have to change work patterns at the last minute, you need a plan that is adaptable. You need to be adaptable.


So if you are currently one of the (many) runners struggling with a cold – REST.


You’ll get over it quicker, and be back to training in a few days – You know who you are 😉


Keep the mind positive, and just accept that you are feeling low for a reason, but that you’ll come out the other side stronger.



Coach Ant


P.S. Good luck to those running at the Eastleigh 10k at the weekend.


P.P.S. I’ve had an influx of emails this week about the new Level One RunCamp courses, so as a reminder, starting from week commencing 25th April:

Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm in Southampton

Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm in Gosport

Friday 6:30am-7:30pm in Southampton.


In the same fashion as the January courses, everyone will also grab a FREE spot on the Friday night Interval Training Session too for each week of the 12 plus some other bits like a free training t-shirt.


Get involved here:


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He also has a big weakness in the forms of Papa John’s pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so if you ever want to get an easier session, thats one way to get one!


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