The environment of success

environment of success

20 Aug The environment of success

Apologies in advance…


This is going to be another Olympic themed message… But fear not there is still some great content!


So if you are getting a little bored of all the talk of the Olympics, then its probably time to hit the back button – but if like me you are still totally absorbed in everything then lets continue…


Watching the mens triathlon last week had me thinking about teamwork and success.


Seeing the two Brownlee brothers running side by side – they are clearly the worlds best pair over the Olympic distance triathlon and they have had each other as training partners for life.


Their relationship goes deeper than sibling rivalry – they used to live together, train together and when you listen to interviews of the two of them, Alistair and Jonny are each others biggest rivals.


No one else in my opinion was going to threaten them in Rio (actually I though Mola might be a little closer, but clearly didn’t have a good day).


They have an environment where they can succeed.


I doubt there is ever a day where one of them can have an “off day” as the minute they see their sibling heads out for a run – there will be this little voice thinking…


“That extra session could be the difference between success and losing”

environment of success

Success for the brothers in Rio.

Now this is hard to create for the vast majority of us – not to mention that it’s not our full time job to run everyday and for many of us it does fall a lot further down the pecking order (myself included).


But by far the best method I have found to create your own environment of success is to commit.


  • Whether it’s talking to someone about changing your routine… “I’m running 3 times per week from NOW”


  • Maybe joining a new club, signing up for a pilates course, running course or fitness session.


  • Possibly chatting to someone who will push you on that bit further.


Whatever you choose, think about how you can create your own environment for success.



On a personal level – my environment changed the minute I realised I was unhappy.



Unhappy that I wasn’t dedicating enough time to make myself happy!


And what makes me happy..?


Well not actually running… SHOCK HORROR


But the results I get from running.


… Feeling healthier, being more competitive (I love racing) and that odd feeling we get from having completed a run.

– It always feels better at the finish than during… If I had a pound for overtime I heard that one..!


So I knew I had to dedicate time to running more often, investing into a coach who would make sure I did the training required and creating a network of people I could rely on.


The difference between you getting to where you want to be is quite possibly in the network of people you have surrounding you.



Coach Ant


P.S. Why not check out out Friday Night Coached Interval Network – its a tough session admittedly. But like anything you get out what you put in.

– Feel stronger, feel faster, feel more confident. Send an email to with Tell Me More in the subject line and we’ll sort you out with a couple of free sessions as we really want to help you get to where you want to be…. Who knows where it might end up!?



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