The Brownlee Effect (A helping hand when you need one!)

19 Sep The Brownlee Effect (A helping hand when you need one!)

Did you catch the Triathlon yesterday with Jonny Brownlee going for the World Championship win?

Major Spoiler Alert… 😉


Well, everything was going well… until the last 400m… When the younger Brownlee needed a… helping hand shall we say.


Link to the Video is in the P.S. if you’d like to watch it – and it’s well worth it, in probably the most exciting finish in triathlon history!


I’ve never seen anything like it!


In stark contrast I remember having a go at the Stubbington 10k a couple of years ago in January.


It was literally snowing on the drive over – and I HATE the cold…


Whilst everyone was on the start line in vests and shorts…


I was there in winter tights, base layer, gloves, thick socks and looking as though I was about to tackle the north pole rather than run a 10k.


For years I’d told myself that I was rubbish running in the cold, and that event pushed me over the edge…


I just couldn’t get warm. Even with a ludicrous number of layers on.


That run reinforced the belief I’d held that I always run badly in the cold.


But in fact I probably ran badly because I had told myself I was going to run badly.


We tend to paint a story around our runs, and often after having a bad experience, we chalk it up as us just not being good enough or not being designed to be able to do whatever it was we were trying to do.


Having worked with hundreds of runners and triathletes in a wide range of conditions often we don’t give ourselves credit for just how good we are.


One bad run in the heat doesn’t mean we are automatically crap at running in the heat.


One bad run in the cold, doesn’t mean our bodies weren’t designed to run in that condition.


One bad run doesn’t define us – and I hope that Jonny recovers well and bounces back to many more victories in the heat!



Coach Ant


P.S. Link to the Brownlee video is here:

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