Therapy Sessions

20 Apr Therapy Sessions

These past couple of weeks I’ve been going to therapy…


Yep, my random thoughts and extreme exercise have meant they have finally caught up with me…


I joke of course!


I actually received an email a couple of weeks ago from a University Lecturer who wanted to see if I had any runners who would be interested in his services as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


With my interest in the area – I just had to sign myself up.


Its an area that fascinates me. With my own personal struggles which I document about a lot here and I am happy to discuss with anyone.


But also with runners that I work with.


The biggest thing is why we decide to self sabotage.


We want to get better at [insert any sport/job/interest here] but somedays we just can’t be bothered.


So I have been having some sessions to work on myself as I am more than happy to guinea pig anything.


But also because this very lecturer will be coming along to the RunCamp Weekend in the Forest in June to have a chat with us.


Which is a pretty awesome booking if you ask me.


Seeing that running is such a big factor in how well we run!


This in addition to having Three RunCamp coaches there.

Plus a Massage Therapist, a Sports Therapist and no doubt we will get a few other superstars in the line up too.


You won’t be disappointed by the weekend!


We’ve still got a few spaces left, so hit the link to find out more:

>> <<


You might be wondering what I have been working on during my sessions…


Well tune in on Friday and I’ll let you in on some VERY personal insights.



Coach Ant


P.S. I’m already a little bit worried about writing that next email!


P.P.S. Still only a handful of places left on out Level One Courses too, need help improving your running technique or adding in strength exercises?


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