This might just shock you…

12 Sep This might just shock you…

So where do we start!


Another fantastic event by the New Forest Marathon Team. But I was to talk abut something really surprising which I’ll get to in just a second…


[If you did take part and are feeling a little… Well… Achy this morning… Check out our FREE Recovery Guide for our tips on a speedy recovery].


But first – a huge shout out to the RunCamp RUN365 group who have been awesome these past few weeks – a truly inspirational place to hang out.


It was a hive of activity over the weekend with pbs being posted, great training runs and great progress made, not necessarily with the event result but with training too.

Angela's New Forest Half.

Angela’s New Forest Half.

A result of good focus and a supportive group of people to help motivate and inspire.

Caroline's progress

Caroline’s progress

For a little snapshot on our day check out the Facebook Post >>> here – some great photos there too, including a video of our mini assault course which we will be taking to Hursley 10k too.


Quite a lot of it was fun and games (we don’t go to events to dish out flyers and sit behind a desk looking bored!) and we had a LOT of enquiries about our courses and weekends.


But that wasn’t the surprising thing – as we do get a lot of emails (and we answer each and every one of them).


The surprising thing was the number of runners who asked…


“Will I be fast enough to come along?”


There is a lot of pressure at events about not wanting to be slow – not wanting to come last – not wanting to be a FAILURE.


Theres pressure on your training, you don’t want to dedicate a shed load of time to something and then fail at the last hurdle and beat yourself up over it.


It makes you feel awful.


I know as I used to be there with my training.


In fact this week I am going on a course…

In my head right now… I am thinking that I am going to be the worst there. People are going to look down on me and I am going to look like an amateur.


But I know that seeking out the expertise of someone even better than myself will lead to better results – results that I can pass onto you reading this and make sure that you improve too.


So the result I want is driving me forwards. I know that in order to help you out more I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.


You don’t have to be fast to come to any of our sessions, but you do have to want to learn, to implement and become better than you were yesterday.

Best of all, we can help with all of this.



Coach Ant.


P.S. If you haven’t already, come along and join our FREE Facebook Group – RUN365 – it’ll give you a good idea of the type of runners we work with.

And if you want to jump on board a course, our Level Ones start this week, Tuesday is FULL but Wednesday we have room for 2 more. Email and we can sort out the rest.





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