Throwback… Monday?

16 May Throwback… Monday?

I know its pretty popular on Social Media these days to showcase the past.

I’m not usually one to dwell to much on what has happened, but Facebook hit me with a great image last week…



Its a picture of me jumping over the sunset down at Leap beach. At the time it was just a funny thing to do…

It looks remarkably similar to something else…?

RC_logo copy

A few months after the picture was taken – when it came to designing a logo for a certain new business I had come up with, this was the picture I chose to design the “Yellow Running Man” around.


After this little reminiscent journey I have taken you on, there is a reason for bringing it up.


I mentioned earlier that I don’t like to look back.


I’ve always seen myself as a forward thinker – seeing what coming up, planning things out as best I can.


But sometimes its good to have a quick review.


When it came to designing the logo above… I had no idea how the idea would grow. I remember spending hours wondering what would I do if it failed.


And the same applies with running.


Spend a little time looking back on what you have achieved.


Don’t EVER look back and think I haven’t achieved much. It may be that you ran your first 10k, it may be that you completed a half marathon, you may have just started running. But look right back to when you started out.

And when it comes to your review – just compare yourself to YOU. Not what anyone else has done.


I bet you are a lot further forward than you thought you’d ever be.


And if you are currently looking forward wondering “what if” like I was when I first started out designing that logo… Just jump in with both feet and you might surprise yourself just as I did.


If you want something bad enough (and I really have a passion for running and helping others with their running) then it’ll happen.




Coach Ant


P.S. We’ve only got 6 weeks left until our weekend in the New Forest.


The weekend break is designed to give you plenty of tips, ideas and information about a variety of subjects. From planning your training, to running techniques and even a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.


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