The Start of The Next 162 Days

11 Nov The Start of The Next 162 Days

Thats all thats left.
For those counting down to Southampton (Half or Marathon) or maybe the London Marathon, 163 days is your countdown!


Should you be worrying about that fact?


Well… As I’ve been saying to many runners I’ve been meeting with this week.


Yes and No..


It totally depends on what you want your experience of the day to be.


If your goal (for any event in 2017) is to simply survive.


Then sit back and count down the days.


But if you want to achieve more, grab a better pb and just see what your potential is.


Then the earlier you can take action and start the process the better.


Yes, you can download a 16 week plan that starts in January.


But to be perfectly frank (and this will annoy a fair few out there) – it won’t be optimal, especially not if you are starting from scratch.


My recommendation – for ANY event in 2017, is to start prepping early. You can’t start too early in my view.

[As long as you don’t start your BIG runs, i.e. 16+ miles, too early and peak too soon!]


For anyone (even if you have a friend or family member doing London or Southampton – its a great present) who wants to take action now.


We have just released the dates for our Marathon Weekend in January 2017.

On this weekend we will be going through everything we can to make your experience on the day of your event even better!

From helping you design your training plan leading up to the event, to going through what you’ll need to eat during the event to even what you should be doing on your training runs.


I can see one big problem with the above…


I’ve just been talking about taking action RIGHT NOW, but the weekend isn’t until January…


Well, for anyone that does take action over the weekend… I’ll throw in a little extra…


A training plan critique

(This is the action part).

You have to create your own training plan leading up to the training weekend, and I will let you know how to tweak it and improve it (if it needs it).


I’ll do any critiques on video so that you can refer to during your plan.


Grab your weekend spot here:



Coach Ant

P.S. If you aren’t doing a marathon next spring – don’t worry! We’ve popped all our weekend dates on the link above, so check them out too.


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