Top Secret Ninja Tip… Get out running when you don’t want to!

23 Mar Top Secret Ninja Tip… Get out running when you don’t want to!

Yep, I may have totally over glorified this tip.

But it works.


When you have those days where you just don’t want to go out.

You might have just come back from illness and dreading that “First Run Back”


Or you might just be having a bad day.


We all get them, no matter how experienced we are. Its 100% normal.


And the number one factor that stops us.


Fear of Failure.


We get these thoughts in ours heads… “I can’t possibly run X miles today”.

“I’m going to be slower than last weeks run”

“I’m not going to enjoy it”


In fact we start to determine the outcome before we’ve even started.


Imagine how the world would be if we did this for everything?


In fact we do, however with most daily activities, we know that we either HAVE to do them, or the risk of failure is that small we don’t even think about it.


So one solution is to reduce the risk of failure.


This is an exact from an email I sent to one of my runners over the weekend who had just got over an illness:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.50.52

On their Online Coaching Plan was to run 12 miles.

At a steady pace, as part of their build up to the London Marathon.

I KNOW that this runner can do more, they’d done it in previous weeks. They’d done marathons in the past. But as a result of being ill, they thought they’d lost their fitness.


Years of hard work gone in a week.

It won’t happen, you’ll carry your fitness through your illness, you head might not think it, but you won’t have lost “everything” in a couple of weeks…

Post run, this was the response:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.51.03


So, feeling rubbish… don’t want to run.


Try switching off/ignoring everything and just run.

Go back to basics. Forget the targets for one week and just head out the door.

I guarantee, you’ll feel better about it afterwards, and if you don’t…


Well, at least you will still have ran 😉



Coach Ant


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