Try something else…

07 Apr Try something else…

I’m talking Cross Training.

Nah… Not that dusty thing in the corner of the gym that people spend hours on not getting anywhere.

I’m talking some real exercise that can accompany your running training, boost your fitness and because it’ll involve less impact than running (like most things) and will reduce your risk of injury.

Sounds magical right?

When it comes to “cross training” many will fall into the same old trap.

It’s boring.

It won’t help me run faster.

I’ve got a marathon or a half coming up so I just need to run more.

But done right, it can help improve your running.

Your fitness levels will increase as you’ll be able to do more without running more.

And let’s face it, running more is the factor that holds many of us back as we know our bodies will break down if we push it too much.

I wrote an post a couple of weeks back after the Eastleigh 10k saying that I am running faster and actually running less.

But in truth, I am actually doing MORE.

More cycling, more swimming more strength work. The things many of us will write off as not helping out our running.

I got asked if I thought I’d be a better runner if I just ran.

My response is that if I just ran I’d be injured more often.

If I’m injured more frequently my consistency of training would be worsened.

And then I’d not be able to run as fast and enjoy what I do.

Of course, this is just me…. I run because I enjoy it.

If I didn’t I’d drop it all and find something else.

I’d do anything to make sure that I can keep running for the long term.

So cross training forms a large part of my plan.

Strength and conditioning work,



Endless drills for running.

Just to make sure that I’ll be able to keep going.

So if you are currently wondering how to jazz up your training plan over the coming weeks and thinking about how to increase your miles.

Maybe more miles isn’t necessarily the answer?


Coach Ant.


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