Unexpected Results

02 Nov Unexpected Results

Its been a weird couple of weeks, work (RunCamp) has been crazy, and as a result has been taking up a lot more time which as you can probably relate to – mean less time for running.


Insert a major sad face here!


Actually on that note we are already 25% full for our Level One January courses already! (See the P.S. for dates and times)


But over the weekend I ran out of my skin for my own running clubs 10 mile running event… The Lordshill 1o Mile (check it out for next year, its a great event and the marshals are awesome!)


The final straight at the Lordshill 10 mile, Huge thanks to Paul Hammond for the Image. https://hammy8241.smugmug.com



But the biggest thing for me personally, was how unexpected the result was.

Training recently has been ok, I’ve been ticking over. Doing less than I’ve been doing most of the year.


If truth be told, my heads not been “in the game” I’ve been so focused on work that my own training has taken a bit of a back seat and been rushed.


So why then have I ran faster than before? Why did I pretty much match my own 10km personal best in the opening 10k of a 10 mile run (and maintain the pace to the end).

The only thing that has changed recently is my mindset.


I’ve been going into events positively. In my day to day life, I’ve been more positive.

Instead of forcing a result, I’ve let it come.

Its something I see in a lot of runners and I have only recently noticed myself doing it too.


I’ll give you an example, I had a conversation with a runner over the weekend who wanted to break 70 minutes for 10 miles. His previous times had been close, he could relay every single training run and his splits.

All of his splits evolved around running the required pace (running below 7 minutes per mile). His focus had solely become running a time and not on his enjoyment.


This is exactly what I have been guilty of in the past – forcing the pace. Recently though, I’ve ran and ignored the watch for most of my speed work. Ran by how I’ve felt, if I feel good I’ve pushed harder. Felt bad, I’ve eased off.

I’ve still stuck to my training plan set by my coach, but I have just focused on me rather than the figures.

I still analyse everything post run, but it’s not make or break, I won’t beat myself up about it as every run is a stepping stone – the battle but not the war.

I even ran my run yesterday without auto lap on – so I had no idea what my kilometre splits were during the event!

I checked my pace at half way and out of habit had a small look at a couple of other points. But I ran mostly by feel.


I do believe that some of us can get a bit too swept up with pacing and forget what we really run for, enjoyment, stress relief… the list is endless.

So one of the main focuses I have is giving runners something different to think about, things that they can do to help improve speed without them deliberately trying to force running faster.

Simple tips on technique which can (at the vital point when fatigue sets in) change your focus and prevent you from slowing down!

All of this we cover in our Technique Courses…

Starting in January on Tuesday 12th 6:30pm-7:30pm or Friday 15th 6:30am-7:30am for 12 weeks. This is quite literally the best running package you’ll find!

12 weeks of small group coaching (nice intimate and friendly groups), a different technique topic per week so you aren’t bombarded with confusing information.

– 12 weeks of informational emails so you won’t forget what was covered in the session

– RunCamp Video Day, before the start of the course, we will meet and video everyone running

– A FREE spot on our Friday Night Interval Training Session to help you run faster (for the 12 weeks)

– A FREE RunCamp Technical Training T-Shirt

– Access to a Private Facebook group, to ask questions and engage with like minded runners

– Plus a FREE copy of our Ebook – #RunFast: Sessions designed to help make you a faster runner.

Join Us Here: https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/10NVSX8V0N/paylink


Coach Ant

P.S. Dates for all of the courses for 2016 are:

Level One (Technique)
Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm
Friday 6:30-7:30am


Level Two (Strength) – Links for signing up coming very soon
Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm
Thursday 6:30-7:30am
Thursday 7:30-8:30pm


Coached Intervals (Speed)
Friday 7:30-8:30pm

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