What would your life be like if you ignored all kinds of negativity?

11 Feb What would your life be like if you ignored all kinds of negativity?

People tend to think that everyone else is living the perfect lifestyle. Person A is on holiday having the time of their life. Person B is running really well at the moment and hitting all kinds of new personal bests.


And me…


“Well I’ll never match up to them, I’m just not good enough”


I was doing this myself just yesterday. On the verge of entering another stupid event (See below for details!) I started making up a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t do it.

From “I wouldn’t be good enough” to “I don’t know how I’ll fit the training in” to even “I won’t enjoy the training for it”

We are all very good at creating negatives for things. Putting things off, doing them later.

But what if I told you to ignore the negative voices?

What would you do differently?

How would your life be?

I very rarely have a negative outlook these days. Its taken years to get to this point though.


But thats not to say that it never happens.

The trick I’ve found is to imagine a story with two key outcomes.

The event by the way is a 10k…




Its going to be around 3-3.5 hours in a river (the River Dart).

And the two outcomes would be:

Outcome A – I don’t enter and find myself looking at the results in September frustrated that I missed out this event for another year. I talk to my friends that have done it and become to feel guilty that I had the chance but didn’t grab it.

Outcome B – I enter and use it as motivation to train up for it. I build a support team around me to make sure that I don’t fail. Speak to my coach, get a plan in place, have some key stepping stones en route.

Involve my friends in my training, ensure we meet up and swim together as much as possible to boost my motivation so that I don’t have to go it alone.

And always remember what I am doing it for, not for anyone else, but for me.

There will obviously be a number of other outcomes along the way, but I am putting all my eggs into the basket of Outcome B.

If you’ve been putting something off recently, something you really want to do. Then do it.

You have my permission to close this email right now and enter 😉

What is the worst thing that can happen..?

If you need someone to chat to about it (after you’ve entered it of course) then jump on a free call and I can help you with all the planning side of things!



Coach Ant,

Lead Coach and Director

P.S. Nothing running related to talk about today. However I am setting up a 24 Hour Indoor Cycling Relay Event around August (I’ll come up with a better name for it soon..!)

So if you are a cyclist, or someone that enjoys a bit of cycling as a hobby and like the idea of entering a team to raise some cash for charity, let me know. We only have space for 6 teams and this is likely to fill up pretty quickly.


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