End of Season… What Comes Next?

03 Oct End of Season… What Comes Next?

So at the end of the season, when the nights start to draw in.


It’s prime time to start feeling down, and more so if you have just completed “that” event.


“That” event meaning the BIG one…


The one you’ve been prepping for for the last X number of months.


It comes and goes in a flash… All that hard work and now you have either a result you are chuffed to bits with…


Or maybe a result you are a bit down about.


Hopefully not a result you are totally P**SED off with…!


I get it, and its a common issue – mostly judging by my email inbox and the conversations I’m having around this time of year!


You fall into a bit of a rut – the Running Rut – wandering what comes next…


This is one of the main reasons why you need to take a bit of time and self reflection.


The big issue is when we set a goal, we achieve it and then get annoyed that we could have done better…


I did exactly the same earlier this year when I completed my Ironman. I achieved a time that 4-5 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of…


But still – in the pit of my stomach – I felt that I hadn’t set out to achieve what I wanted.


Crazy right.


So its times like this I’d urge everyone to write down what they want to achieve over the next 3 months, 12 months and even 5 years.


The importance of writing it down means that when you refer back to it once you’ve completed said goal… You should feel pretty darn good about it (if you’ve done the training!!)


There no “I could have done more” – we’ll there probably still we be, it’s natural!

I’ve actually seen become become very low, borderline depressed after hitting their major goals.


But with the pen strategy… your goal will be there for you in black and white (depending on the colour of pen used…) You’ll know if you definitely achieved what you set out to do.



Here’s a different way of thinking about it…


Goals tend to be thought of as a straight line.


Start here and end there.


A simple destination, whether its your first 5k. First Marathon. 100th Marathon – whatever…


But think of it like a Circle.


You start here, achieve, re-set/re-focus and then the fun begins again.


There isn’t necessarily an end to it – with running there will just be a point where you rest, recover and begin the build again – this time looking to refine the process, try something different, tweak your routine.


Think of that dangerous question: “What Comes Next?”

what comes next

And make sure that answer is aligned with your real goal of health and happiness (which I am sure is true for all of us).



Coach Ant

P.S. We’ve got TWO weeks left until our weekend getaway in the New Forest.


You could spend two whole days with Coach Ant and Phil, learning, implementing and being motivated towards making your 2017 your best year yet.


We’ll cover goal setting, motivation, running theory, pacing, running technique and a whole lot more.


Plus there will be pub visits (well it is in the New Forest!) and some running thrown in there too, and hopefully like last time we can organise a close up of the horses running by too.


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