Whats your reward?

11 Jun Whats your reward?

So I hope you’ve all had a great start to your Saturday, whether running, cycling or just having a chilled day (like me).


I’ll be honest I’ve done nothing since last weekend where I competed at Ironman Nice, I’ve done a write up of it over on my personal blog (it doesn’t get used much!) but I thought I’d be easier to pop it there rather than put you all through reading it.

Have a read >>HERE<<


For those that don’t want to know how some people have a wee during an Ironman then I’d avoid it!


But I’ve had a few questions from those who follow my personal page on Facebook about why I choose to do nothing but lounge around and eat rubbish food post event.


Its my own method – and I certainly am not recommending you take to dropping exercises and indulging on ice cream, but this is my reward.


You see, a lot of people think its easy for someone like me to eat good food all the time. Workout every day.


But its not. I love ice cream, I love pizza, I love having days where I do nothing but lounge around and possibly watch some films.


I have to be incredibly disciplined to run, eat well and do the “right” things.


So when I complete my big target(s) for the year (these usually only two or three) I have a week of relaxing, eating the stuff I’d love to spend every day eating (but know I should’t).


Now this is a strategy that works for me – reward for all the pain I’ve put myself through!


But its certainly worth thinking about…


What could you reward yourself with once you’ve achieved that thing you are working towards?


It could be a big serving of Ice Cream, maybe a week of not running and watching films instead.


Maybe something bigger like a holiday after your big thing? (Like my week in Nice after the event).


Whatever you choose, it has to motivate you even more towards your challenge.


I am positive it’ll inspire you more and give you extra incentive to hit the goal you want to achieve.


If you haven’t yet, why not join the RunCamp 365 group and let us know what you will motivate yourself with this year?




Coach Ant.


P.S. We still have availability this week for sports massage, just hit an email to info@runcamp.co.uk with MASSAGE in the title and we’ll get you booked in for a set of fresher legs!

P.P.S. I’ve had a couple of emails already for Run Assessments this week and I am fully booked, next week is available however.

P.P.P.S The link to my blog post again in case you missed it! 😉

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