Why you are statistically likely to fail (and what to do about it)

04 Jan Why you are statistically likely to fail (and what to do about it)



First piece of the new year, so I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year – fingers crossed its going to be a great one for you.


But I read an interesting stat the other day.


One that took my interest and made me take a look at myself and the goals I have set.


It was about setting goals (or resolutions).


If right now I threw one object at you. Would you catch it?


Chances are its a yes (if I let you know I was doing it!!)


If I threw 10 all at once, are your chances of catching them all reduced?

I’d go yes again on that one unless your reactions are cat like.


So the more things you have to focus on, the lower your chances of success are.


The stat by the way was that less than 5% of people are able to successfully change more than 3 habits at once.


And by habit, I mean something engrained in your subconscious, which will last for a very long time.


It means that you and I are both likely to be in the 95% who can’t.


In fact I know I am one of the 95%.


I always try to set new goals, targets, objectives.


From eating healthier, exercising more, working more efficiently, spending more time with person X.


Juggling so many balls in the air at once.


When I’d be better off focusing on just one thing, or maybe two (but lets not get ahead of ourselves..!)


So when you are listing out all the things you want to work on this year.


I urge you to prioritise. Slim the list down if you can to one thing. Whats the most important thing you can do right now.


I’ve set a challenge of exercise everyday in January.


Doesn’t have to be hours everyday. Just 10 minutes will suffice.


The one outcome – CONSISTENCY.


If you can dedicate time to doing something each and every day. Within a couple of weeks you’ll be planning it that time without even thinking about it.


It’ll become a new habit.


Why not join the challenge  – you can start from today 😉


Check out the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1646300628992181/

The aim is to either run everyday, and if you can’t (or don’t want to risk) running every day, then I have popped a video of some exercises you can do at home as an alternative.


You can also use the group to network and meet other runners – the stories we are seeing on the group have been great.
Especially hearing about people’s difficulties and struggles – yep, struggles. Something you never read about… This alone is reassuring to know that you are not alone!


Come and join the fun,




Coach Ant


P.S. It’s getting dangerously close to our courses starting up. Our technique/strength (Level One) courses have only a couple of places left and we are starting next week.

Wether its Gosport, Chandlers Ford or Southampton you are looking to join – fill in this form to start the process:



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