How NOT to prepare for the Winchester Half Marathon…!

26 Sep How NOT to prepare for the Winchester Half Marathon…!

Over the weekend we had a lot going on over at RunCamp HQ


From tackling Tough Mudders, keeping track (and taking part) in the Winchester Half (plus Coach Ant met the Mayor of Winchester – see below!) as well as keeping an eye on some of our coached runners taking on the Berlin Marathon, Bristol Half and even our Triathlete Sam who tackled her first Cyclocross event of the season!

Winchester Half Selfie with the Mayor

Mayor Selfie…! Insert Cheesy Grin Here..!

There were a lot of fantastic results (and some not so… Sorry to Ben from the Run365 group who had a nightmare at his Half Marathon at Cheltenham due to the pre event traffic).


But one of the biggest wins from the weekend was from the Run365 group:

What can you achieve with a strong community to support you?

What can you achieve with a strong community to support you?

The biggest lessons from my weekend (from the Tough Mudder and the above image) is what a difference a strong group makes, plus the importance of finding things to do that you really enjoy.


At the start of the day I was with a group of Accountants from Rothmans. I didn’t know any of them.


But when faced with mud, obstacles, ice, electricity, cargo nets and a whole host of other concoctions we formed a great bond and all enjoyed the experience.


After the fun of Saturday’s TM, I was also due to run the Winchester Half…


I know… I’m breaking all of my rules… 😉


But my number one rule above all else is to do the things that you enjoy.


And this weekend was about enjoying running again, which since June I have been struggling with.

Training has been going well, but motivation has been… “Undulating!”


The Winchester Half was another incredible event, the crowds were out in force, the course… Lumpy… Challenging… But one I’d highly recommend.


But my legs well and truly fell apart in the final mile. The efforts from the previous day had hit home on legs that weren’t quite at the position of running 23 miles over two days!


Would I do it again…


In an instance.


And this is what sums up running for me right now.


Yes I make training plans, and yes I am focused on being the best runner I can be.


And I’ll always have that competitive streak in me.

But enjoyment must come into the plan too.


Why would you want to spend your spare time putting yourself through something you don’t enjoy?




Coach Ant


P.S. Talking of enjoying running… We had our Friday Night interval session (plus pub social) on Friday.

Check out the video we filmed at the event which explains the session we did.



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