WORST RUN EVER – “I just felt flat and awful”

10 Aug WORST RUN EVER – “I just felt flat and awful”

I’ve heard something similar from a handful of runners over these past few days – about having the “worst run”. But its worth reminding us all than an awful run doesn’t mean training is going badly.


One runner I work very closely with described feeling fatigued, having nothing in the tank and zero energy half way through their long run. In fact their average pace was down on the previous run.


Once they started noticing their pace was becoming a real struggle – the negative voices crept in.

I thought this was going to be easy (RC meme)

“You are doing rubbish”

“Why are you bothering with this”

“You should give up now”


All these distinctly familiar voices telling you that you can’t (but I know for a fact that this runner can, and that you can too).


Should we just chalk it up as experience? Say that it was a bad day and move on?


Or should we be looking at the reasons why?


What caused the result?


A lot of the time we can be guilty of talking ourselves out of the session, we either get distracted and the pace drops off, or sometimes we just have one of those off days.


But these off days if they happen too frequently can really damage your progress.


So this is when we need to start looking at the factors which cause that off day or “worst run”.


Looking at things like:


– Sleep, are you getting more than 6 hours per night?

– Hydration, when it is hot are you ensuring you are getting enough water PRE run as well as DURING

– Nutrition, what are you eating before you run – are you skipping breakfast before a long run?

– Organisation, how are you planning your runs, are you trying to do hard runs on a Saturday before a Lon Run on Sunday?

– Run Timing, do you run better in the morning?

– Motivation, can you actually be bothered right now? Are you in a slump?


This is not an extensive list but gives a good idea of the number of factors that could be involved in how you are currently feeling and why that “worst run” might not have really been that bad.


And it’s not always about the effort you are putting in – sometimes its about easing off a little.


Although – this is of course assuming that you have been consistent with your running recently…


Which is where a lot of runners come unstuck – they think more is always better!


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Coach Ant

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